Mobile apps have had a huge impact on our lives. Today there are mobile apps for everything, and it has certainly become an inevitable part of our lives. Moreover, we all know how fickle the world of information technology can be.

This is the reason why developers keep them updated by learning new languages. However, the question is which of these languages or technologies are the best? Which are the technologies which a developer must choose to finish development of mobile apps faster?

11 Technologies That Will Build Your Mobile Development Faster

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In this blog, I’ll try my best to provide you with some answers. So, we’ll have a look at all the trending technologies and tools which you must use to boost up your process of mobile app development. Below is the name of the technologies and tools that you must know.

  1. Swift

If we talk specifically about the iOS app development, then Swift is the name that comes to my mind. Like its name, it helps in swift iOS app development. It offers ease for developers to read, write, and modify the codes along with the clean syntax. Moreover, the number of code lines in Swift are fewer as compared to that of Objective-C. In case, if you’ve hired a mobile development company on an hourly basis then these fewer amounts of codes will directly affect the cost of app development as the time required for it would be less.

  1. Java

Java is often termed as the most robust, powerful, and object-oriented programming language by many developers due to its unique features. One thing that makes it stand out is the fact that it provides open source libraries.

  1. PHP

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language widely used for web development with an ability to get embedded into HTML. It’s a cross-platform language which means that it can run on any web server. Moreover, you can integrate your device with PHP so that it can run on its scripts.

  1. C++

C++ is the most basic language as most of the programming language has its roots in it. Although it’s a basic language, it still can develop a dynamic application. C++ can also be used as a versatile tool for a convenient and effective compiler base. There are various versions of C++ such as Objective-C which is like a sister language is used to develop systems for Apple. Then there are new technologies such as Appcelerator and Mosync which are merely an extension of the primary language.

  1. HTML 5

When it comes to the web front-end applications for mobile devices, HTML5 is the best choice. With the latest upgraded features HTML 5 provides a plethora of benefits and speed is one of it. HTML 5 is also credited for the introduction of application programming interface (API) and markup. Moreover, due to its standardized code, it helps in increasing the semantic value of the web page.

  1. Flutter

Flutter is a new technology for developing a mobile app. It uses a single code base which allows the developers to build an app with the utmost creativity. It uses DART as a programming language which avoids the performance problems which are caused due to the need of JavaScript bridge. Apart from that, it’s known to offer flexibility in development, reusability of the codes, wide range of plugins which are backed by Google, and last but not the least, to develop mobile apps for both the platforms that are, iOS and Android.

Flutter also provides a tool called “Hot Reload” which quickly design UIs, build features, and fixes a bug which helps you to develop an app in record time.

  1. Kotlin

Kotlin is a revolutionary technology for Android which is derived from Java. It compacts the codes which reduce the weight of the coding structure. Kotlin gets seamlessly integrated with Android Studio which catalyzes the process speed to such an extent that even the first timer can set up the functions in less than 10 minutes. Kotlin integrates with Android 2.3 with the help of a plugin whereas it’s fully integrated with Android 3.0.

We discussed different programming languages which can help you to develop your mobile application faster. However, there are some tools too which can be handy in increasing the speed of the mobile app development. So, let’s see them one by one.

  1. PaintCode

This tool helps you to create eye-catching UI components using languages such as Objective C, Java, Swift, C#, and SVG Code. PaintCode allows you to export your drawings to the single file due to which you don’t need to go back and forth each time; hence it saves time and makes the process faster.

  1. Fastlane

Fastlane creates the screenshots for several devices and automates the distribution of app beta build namely logging app changes, setting up the build version, and uploading the app. Moreover, it finishes various tasks such as workflows and uploading of the compilation of application that connects various actions. All the mentioned actions are scripted and customizable.

One major perk about this tool is that it’s an open source which means that the developers can add to the tools by creating their add-ons and actions.

  1. Appmakr

Appmakr is a handy tool in which you must provide your content or service, and the tool would create a native iPhone, Android App, and HTML5 website for mobile. Since it’s a code-free solution, it would take as much time as few minutes. With this tool can avail several advantages such as in-built notifications, real-time app, and customization?

  1. AppInstitute

Appinstitute is a tool which offers easy-to-access modules for mobile app development for small & medium enterprises and more. This tool is a boon for the developers as they can customize the app without writing any codes. Moreover, it provides push notifications, app analytics, and customer management tools.


We had a look at all the various technologies which you can use to boost your mobile application development process. All the technologies have their own merits and demerits. However, to choose any one out of it you need to consider various factors, some of it is as basic as the publishing platform, budget, and application type.

So, what are you waiting for! Choose any one of the technologies and tools mentioned above and start building your mobile application with lightning pace.

Mobile apps have had a huge impact on our lives. Today there are mobile apps for everything, and it has certainly become an inevitable part of our lives. Moreover, we all know how fickle the world of information technology can be. This is the reason why developers keep them updated...