7 Brilliant Tools for Proofread Your Dissertation Online

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Proofreading on your own can be a time consuming and a draining process – especially if you have already spent hours and days writing through essays or dissertations. That is why online proofreading sites can be a huge relief when it comes to delivering impeccable work.

You need not be worried about resorting to online proofreading and editing services now. Simply run any one of the following proofreading programs online, that can be accessed without any cost; and get your transcripts scanned within minutes, without any inconvenience.

  1. Wordrake

Wordrake is one of the complete proofreading tools that you will easily find on the internet. All you have to do is download their program and use the “rake” operation – that is the button that will begin professing your document. Then you can watch the system individual pick out the mistakes in your writing, right in front of your eyes.

Once the proofreading is complete, you can manually make the individual changes that are required by you.

The best part about Wordrake is that it is not only restricted to Microsoft Word, but it can also be installed on your Apple laptops – this makes it compatible with more devices.

  1. Grammarly

You must have already heard about this if you are accustomed to writing thesis reports and essays. Most teachers emphasize on the use of Grammarly, especially since it is effective and completely free. In fact, most dissertation writers UK also use this proofreading tool. It not only carefully scrutinizes the grammatical errors in your writing, but it also checks plagiarism. Thus, if you are looking for a complete tool that will not embarrass you in front of your teachers, you can easily access Grammarly online.

  1. Edit Minion

Probably the most extensive and handy proofreading tools on the internet. Edit Minion does not only look for grammar and spelling mistakes, but has a complete set of customized functions for your essay’s needs. You can set them accordingly and check your manuscript for unsuitable words, common and monotonous vocabulary or mistakes in passive voice. Moreover, you can manually turn on or off any one of these features according to the mistakes you would like to highlight in your writing.

Edit Minion definitely provides a more comprehensive insight and rectification to your writing. The carefully designed algorithm is probably even better than the human brain – especially since it is to targeted and time effective.

  1. Paper Rater

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter to complete your essay or research paper? Most students drain themselves too much by procrastinating or trying to complete their essays in a limited amount of time. That is why they tend to either paraphrase sentences from the internet or simply lift phrases from there. If your teacher finds out that you have picked up a substantial amount of content from the internet, you may jeopardize your grade.

Hence, to save yourself from the trouble and the loopholes of poor, last minute performance, use Paper Rater. Unlike other proofreading tools, Paper Rater, checks your dissertations, essays and reports for plagiarism. At times, it may also be unintentional, since you may coincidentally express yourself in the exact similar manner as the thousands of online article writers – especially, if you have been reading from multiple sources. Thus, Paper Rater is a great proofreading tool to save you from the mortification of Nonchalant, shabby work.

But make sure you are using this tool at least a day before your submission, for you may have to face the need of re-writing the plagiarized content. Otherwise, you may be forced to seek help from best dissertation writing services UK, if you keep slacking off.

  1. Grammar Check

The absolutely, free online tool helps you check grammar and spelling in your writing. Unlike, the basic spelling and grammar tool present in your Microsoft Word software, the Grammar Check software can precisely detect the blunders that you can make while typing fast. Hence, if you are hesitant about quickly writing your first draft and keep wasting your time trying to perfect your grammar and spelling as you go, then this is the tool best designed for you!

Most students tend to submit their essays and dissertation later than the deadline because they spend too much time manually rechecking their spelling and grammar. Now you can conveniently write your content, only focusing completely on the style of your writing and the tone that you will be adopting in different scenarios – while leaving the rest to Grammar Check.

  1. Hemmingway Editor

Hemmingway Editor is another good tool that you can use to perfect your essays. It works along the same pattern as the other tools mentioned above. By highlighting the weaker pieces of your writing and scanning your documents within minutes, the Hemmingway Editor helps you save a great deal of time. You can also specify whether you would like corrections to be in accordance with American or British English – since, this might be a confusing aspect for many non-native English speakers studying abroad.

  1. Essayroo

Making grammatical mistakes is human and you shall inevitably make them, no matter how good of a writer you are. That is why, proofreading tools like Essayroo can help put several minds together and help you compose a more grammatically correct essay. Unlike other tools, Essayroo is a service and it can be availed to check the level of your composition, the strength of your arguments and your general language and writing style. Some of the most advanced proofreading tools are also unable to achieve, so that is where human input becomes crucially important.

In the end, a few teachers may not emphasize on grammatically correct dissertations if they are only interested in the content quality. Whereas, others persist on receiving exceptionally, professional impeccable work. The latter, undoubtedly leaves a better impression, for grammatical slip-ups no matter how trivial can hint towards reckless attitude towards writing. Thus, save yourself from the questionable looks and criticism by your teachers and freely use any one of the tools and services mentioned above.

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Proofreading on your own can be a time consuming and a draining process - especially if you have already spent hours and days writing through essays or dissertations. That is why online proofreading sites can be a huge relief when it comes to delivering impeccable work. You need not be...