Marketing Ideas for Small Business Start-ups

The start-ups face many challenges from arranging the resources to reaching out to the consumers and enhancing their appeal of their business to them and undoubtedly, it is not a cakewalk.  But one of the most precarious ones among them is to remain cash positive.

Naturally, in case of small business start-ups, investment has to be done after a lot of introspection and strategizing and among the other things, marketing is one of the foremost things that the entrepreneur should take into account as soon as the company is launched.

But caught in the dire financial balancing act, most of the entrepreneurs end up scraping the investments they view as unessential like advertising and marketing. Yet the irony is that ignoring the marketing altogether poses hindrances in the path of success, stifles the growth of the business leaving less revenue to collect and leading to a more restrictive budget.

So it is imperative to strategize an effective marketing plan and in this regard, keep it in mind that you have to include both the online and offline marketing strategies for surviving and carving out your own niche in the industry in the long run.

The good news, however, is that effective marketing does not call for a higher investment.  Obviously, a gracious budget does ensure more consistency and viability, but there are a lot of marketing strategies that that are quite low-cost and can help your start-up to grow. Here are some of the affordable and effective marketing tactics. Just take a look.

  • Reach Out Locally Even If Yours is an Online Business – Even if your business model is online, for the start-ups who cater to the local community, they need to reach out to their audience for enhancing their visibility on the grass-root level. If you think that being an online company, you do not call for promoting offline you are wrong. Reaching out offline has never lost its appeal even after the internet stormed into the economy. In order to do this, you can get a corner wall art graffiti or release hundreds of air balloons with your business name. This way you can get the most appropriate traffic for your business which will result in great benefits for you without you needing to break the bank.
  • Go for Referrals – One of the most intelligent ways for avoiding advertising altogether is by letting your customers market for you. Just consider the fact that people are many times more inclined to purchase a product when it is referred to them by a friend. Seeking personal recommendations is something that we still trust despite the tech publication reviews. Establishing a referral program is not very costly and on the basis of how you structure it, it can be free completely. You can offer a discount to customers in exchange of reference. If you are invested in the strategy, you can also offer cash rewards. Just make sure that the word reaches your customers through press releases or content marketing.
  • Publish Great Contents – Kickass content is something that has always remained to be the king. If that can be created by you, it is even better. Even if writing is not your forte you can assign someone from the team to create some interesting blogs and articles for you. Go for the topics like Top 10 Tips, Best Practices, Lists of Top 5, etc. They are most appealing to the readers.
  • Embrace White Hat SEO– Over 65 percent of the people perform an online research before purchasing something and it goes without saying that it makes a strong online presence essential for any business.  An online company that is making the best use of internet has a chance of about 40 percent faster rate of growth. A white hat SEO company can help you grab more market share. This way your business credibility will be enhanced manifolds. Moreover, this method is quite low-cost especially when compared with the traditional marketing.
  • Opt for Press Release and News Features – People read the news on a regular basis and if you have something very interesting to report, most of the news outlets will gladly report it. The press releases are a budget-friendly way in order to get the brand mentioned in the major publications and also pick up some links along the way. Moreover, if you do the work yourself like emailing and hunting down the journalists, the press releases can be a free marketing strategy. Otherwise you may need to spend a couple of dollars to have news syndicated through some professional services.
  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage – The social media marketing is not something that you can do casually, but it is available freely and it is one thing that you can master if you give time.  You should start by establishing a profile for the business on major platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then enhance your profile and start to offer contents that will appeal to the consumers of your profile. You should reach out to the individuals and ensure to stay connected.  With time, you can grow thousands of followers ensuring an anchor stream of traffic to your website.
  • Create the Instructional Videos – The video content happens to be quite valuable and while it can cost you big bucks in order to get professional YouTube videos, you can always give it a shot yourself. There are many sites offering you great video tutorial showing you how to shoot expert looking footage on your regular phone. You can also make slide decks and share them on slide share, if making a video seems too much of a challenge.
  • Network with Industry Partners – You should team up with a business related to the industry (but not a direct competitor) for projects that can be organised jointly. This can be done online with the help of promotional giveaway or can be done offline by organising special events for which you can hire professional event agencies or organise yourself depending on your budget.  You can get twice as much notice when you partner with any industry relevant business, you are introduced to a whole new audience related to the niche this way.

The above are some of the killer marketing ideas that small business start-ups can use in order to stand out and make their brand get noticed without making a dent in the pocket.

Sawoni ChowdhuryBusinessDigital Marketing
The start-ups face many challenges from arranging the resources to reaching out to the consumers and enhancing their appeal of their business to them and undoubtedly, it is not a cakewalk.  But one of the most precarious ones among them is to remain cash positive. Naturally, in case of...