What do you do when you face problems with a particular product or service? The general tendency would be to contact the service provider through an email. You might also choose to put up a detailed review of your experience on the internet. But in most cases, the issuegets resolved when you decide to call the service provider and raise your concern.

Irrespective of how meticulous the marketing strategies have been in the past, phone calls happen to be the easiestway to turn the leads into customers. Before the boom of technology, the interpersonalinteractions have played a vital role in generating sales and revenue for business organizations. If you’re adopting the right techniques, you might just be able to enhance your ROI using the information derived from phone calls. For a better understanding, read through the points listed below:

1. Improving caller experience

As digital marketers, we don’t focus on what happens on the calls that are made to the consumers. Needless to say, it results in a missed opportunity. There are plenty of useful details that can be derived from those phone calls. Those details can help to boost the end results through properevaluation of what’s actually happening on those calls.

When you spend the resources on calls, you must know the following.

  • Was the call addressed?
  • How long did the interaction go?
  • What services are they calling for?
  • Did the call convert?  
  • Did the sales agent perform as per expectation?

For instance, if you own an assignment help company, you have to keep track of the calls you receive from the students. That way, you can ensure a better caller experience.

2. Making it convenient for the consumers to call

It’s no secret that voice calls are the most efficient method to convert your leads into customers. So, it is vital for a digital marketer to ensure that that the prospects can find your contact details as soon as they visit your website. Also, incorporating permanent call buttons in the header, footer, and the form will make the visitors more willing to call whenever they need help.

Optimizing your site to generate more calls is not going to be sufficient. You should also spare a thought about adding the call buttons in the digital ads. Whether it’s paid search ads or Facebook ads, leaving your contact details always widens the chances of audience engagement.

3. Utilizing call analytics to enhance digital ad targeting

When you have an idea about your target audience, you can put that knowledge to good use and drive more engagement. Try retargeting the past callers with pertinent advertisements and persuade them to reach out again. In fact, you can even target new audiences who are similar to your former callers and offer them the incentives to boost the engagement.

You can even check the call analytics data to detectthe callers that are not relevant leads, and then exclude them from viewing the ads. Monitoring the call data can allow you to boost your digital ad strategy, and ensure that your ads are targeted to the right audience.

4. Integrating call analytics data with the marketing and ad platforms

The data accumulated from the call analytics can be extremely helpful in executing your marketing strategy. However, it will only be possible if you find the appropriate way to implement the call analytics data with the marketing and advertising platforms.

You might have noticed that a specific platform is performing well as opposed to others. You can take notes about what worked in that platform and check if other platforms can be utilized the same way. There are a number of CRM tools that can help you to transform the raw information into meaningful insights.

Figure 1, Source: Pexels.com

5. Informing the sales agents with proper marketing insights

When you adopt a call tracking solution and your marketing interaction drives a call, the analytics on the caller can be provided to the sales agent. The sales agent can find out relevant information on the caller and their geographical location.

This detail is valuable because it enables the sales agent to frame the conversation that he’s about to have with the consumer in a manner that will offer a more personalized and smooth experience to the caller.

6. Utilizing call analytics to boost caller engagement

The call analytics you employ can further accelerate your business operations if you pay adequate attention to the analytics data. There are no two ways that the customer experience is a crucial factor in generating ROI for any business. Also, since voice response is your primary resourcewhile ensuring better consumer experience, you may have to adjust your approach using the call information.

In this case, you need to find the appropriate ways to route the callers. So, you can consider Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in order to help you route each caller and offer the most memorable experience. Your call analytics data plays a vital role. You can route the callers dependingon their past lead status, call history, location and the marketing source.

7. Employing the click-to-call tracking system

Click-to-call conversion data is the most prominent call tracking method. This feature enables the advertisers to determine and evaluate the calls to their business after an ad click-through occurs.

According to Google, most mobile users have called up businesses directly from search results. However, there are two different techniques to consider.

  • You can use call extensions if you want to get clicks and calls.
  • You can also adopt the call-only campaigns if you just want calls. While carrying out such a campaign, it would be ideal for you to use an offer to incentivize the lead to click on your ad without landing on your website. Also, make sure not to run the ads when your business operations are closed, because no one will be there to answer the phone calls.

8. Developingeffective marketing strategies to drive more consumers

You need to use the analytics and insights to accelerate your marketing endeavours. You can begin by investing the resources in the channels, or advertisements that are generating the most number of calls. This might assist you to engage more callers and enhance the ROI by applying popular methods of marketing.

You should also think about optimizing your website content as per the information gathered from the call analytics. Considering the landing pages serve as your identity on the web, you need to make it appealing for the consumers. Using actionable CTAs mightalso push them to call. You have to check the caller experience and make sure the leads generated are not wasted.

Endnote, So, it’s evident from this discussion that there are effective ways to leverage the phone calls to generate consumer engagements and enhancethe ROI. It is also important to have a proficient team of consumer support executives to reap the benefits of your digital marketing efforts.

Olaila LeeDigital Marketing
What do you do when you face problems with a particular product or service? The general tendency would be to contact the service provider through an email. You might also choose to put up a detailed review of your experience on the internet. But in most cases, the issuegets...