WordPress Is The King Of CMS

WordPress, since its inception in 2003 has grown to be the world’s most popular web development platform. Available for free and equipped with user-friendly features, it attracts all kinds of users. People not only get a new interface on it but also migrate website to WordPress. It has transformed the way websites are created and has enabled even amateurs to effortlessly build a functional interface. The impact that the platform has had on the internet can be explained with the help of the following statistics. Let’s take a look at the numbers which prove WordPress is the king of CMS.

1. 28% Of The World’s Websites Are Built Using WordPress

The open source CMS has helped build about 28% of the World’s total websites. This figure establishes the fact that WordPress is the dominant force in the web development domain. Its advantageous features combined with free availability have helped it capture more than 50%  of the global CMS market. The web development platform has also been built keeping user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive dashboard along with themes and plugins make it very easy for non-technical users to create a website. The service is used by all types of people and organizations to create their virtual interfaces. Some of the biggest corporations, educational organizations, eminent personalities, and other institutions have used it to acquire a website.

2. WordPress Plugins Have Been Downloaded More Than 1 Billion Times

Plugins are one of the most useful features of the platform. These tools enable users to effortlessly extend the functionality of their interfaces. WordPress plugin developers have created 55,000 plugins for almost every conceivable functionality. They are available for free as well as at a price and the total number of plugin downloads has crossed 1 billion. WooCommerce, its e-commerce plugins which let people add an online store to the website has alone seen 7,000+ downloads. Other products in this exclusive club are Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, Google XML Sitemap etc. The staggering download figure alone goes on to show the popularity of the CMS.

3. About 74 Million New Posts Are Created Every Month

The web development service started out as a blogging platform and still is the first choice of world’s bloggers. It is powering more than 76 million blogs globally and according to official figures, approximately 74 million posts are created on a monthly basis. In the United States of America alone, it is ranked at fourth place in the list of most-viewed platforms. Moreover, users add a large number of web pages as well and 8,924,929 pages were created last month.

4. It is available in more than 70 languages

Another statistical figure that demonstrates the worldwide popularity of WordPress is its availability in multiple languages. The open source platform with the intention to reach the majority of the world’s audience runs a translation program. The initiative encourages developers to configure WordPress in the language of their choice. This has helped the CMS in being available in more than 70 languages. In fact, the platform has been seeing more non-English downloads than the English version since 2014. This is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of the CMS.

5. WordPress Is Searched 2.7 Million Times Every Month

The term “WordPress” is included in about 2.7 million Google searches every month. People are looking for information on themes, plugins or other aspects of the platform. They are also searching for solutions related to WordPress web development and website management. This statistics has been collected on the basis of some basic keywords and the number can go even higher if long-tail terms are also included. The search figure effectively demonstrates that WordPress is the king of CMS and is the first choice for web development.

6. WordPress 4.9 Has Been Downloaded 168,646,837 Times

The latest version of the web development service, WordPress 4.9 (Tipton) has seen 168,646,837 downloads until now. WordPress 4.9, following the tradition of naming the versions after jazz musicians is named after Billy Tipton. This number shows the worldwide popularity of the CMS and also the expertise of the team managing its operations. The figure quoted here was taken at the time this article was written. By the time, a viewer will be reading this it will have increased even more.

7. 126 Official Wordcamps Were Organized In 2017

Matt Mullenweg who was the main driving force behind the creation of WordPress organized the first Wordcamp in 2006. A Wordcamp is a conference where people hold discussions about everything related to the platform. Whether it is WordPress theme development, plugins, security or techniques, everything is discussed in the sessions. 126 official Wordcamps were organized last year with the total number being 909 until now. These gatherings have been held in 71 cities in 65 countries across 6 continents. This goes on to show the that WordPress developers, as well as users, are located in every corner of the globe.

8. It Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Install The Core Files

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of CMS is that it is extremely easy to install. Anyone can download and install the core files in less than 5 minutes and start working. The intuitive nature of the admin dashboard also makes it convenient for users to manage the interface. With decreased dependence on code input, it enables even technically deficient people to create a website.

9. More Than 2 Million Topics Are Available On The Official Support Forum

WordPress comes with extensive documentation and efficient support. Information on more than 2 million topics is available on the official support forum of the CMS. This means that a user can find a solution to an issue on the platform in an easy manner. Besides, there are numerous other user-groups and forums with information on a variety of issues. This is another reason for the popularity of the open source platform among developers as well as users.


The numbers mentioned here effectively demonstrate why WordPress is the king of CMS and is the first name that comes to mind for most people when they think about web development. The open-source platform has become stronger during the past decade and is expected to continue in the same fashion in the coming years.

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WordPress, since its inception in 2003 has grown to be the world’s most popular web development platform. Available for free and equipped with user-friendly features, it attracts all kinds of users. People not only get a new interface on it but also migrate website to WordPress. It has transformed...