9 Strategies for Using Customer Testimonials in Your Content

The testimonials from the customers are something worthy of covering the main page of your website. Not if the main page but at least at your social media accounts to enhance ratings and reviews from the Facebook page, since it’s a proof that you have performed very well.

Majority of the consumers search for the online reviews and testimonials before making a purchase decision while 88% of the customers build trust online testimonials less than the personal recommendations.

Well, the stats are basically in favor of online business in terms of earning the right attention and revenues. Though the product reviews are not enough to increase the conversion rates, you can also drive potential traffic by enhancing the SEO and cross-sell the additional products to the existing and the potential client base.

So as per the social barrel, an ordinary customer takes 11 online reviews before making any purchase. And so is for the customer testimonial. They will have a more significant influence on every viewer when you repeat it multiple times. So if a product gets more than 50 reviews, you will have a conversion rate of 5% higher.

Well, are these the only means one can show up the testimonials and not anywhere?  Though that doesn’t mean that you need to put all of your webpages on repetition since it will make you appear fake. Let’s consider if you submit the same testimonials in the same way on every social media website and blog posts it will not bring you conversions instead you will have opposite results.

On the other hand, if you submit the same testimonials in diverse strategies, only then you would be able to earn the highest benefits. Likewise, you have to promote your customer testimonials in many different channels to receive the maximum benefits of it.

We got you nine best strategies where you can make the most of the testimonials in your content marketing campaign.

1. Outreaching target customers with email

One of the most profound ways to cherish the leads in society today is by making the boring campaign. Though you can make it more effective by adding relevant testimonials to some particular emails outreaching campaigns that can aid to enhance the efficacies.

It’s crucial that you make storytelling emails with the most sought customer testimonial to the content in the email. Since the email subscribers are the users with a certain interest in what products and services. And they are more interested in hearing stories regarding the customers than anyone else. Well, if you take the right approach at the right time, the only subscribers can turn into customers.

2. Nothing is more attractive than making a case study

Even a book of praises from the satisfied consumers might not fundamentally drive viewers to make a purchase decision. But they can help make viewers give a second thought regarding your product or service. Hence the case studies are the in-depth analysis of certain product or event.

They are a wonderful sales tool in their aspect. However, they can be further given a spark with testimonials from the customers seeking for reliability.

3. The union of the blog and testimonials

A visitor that views your blog through the external sources or through the sources that your website is linked to is a potential customer. However, including a short testimonial in your blog post often in the sidebar so it may not appear bothering can help drive the right attention and interest of customer who has come up to read your blog will endorse your credentials to the ones who are these since they browse on your website.

The traffic consists of the people who take an interest in a particular topic, and if the readers stay for enough time it means they are in search of some solution and with some brief testimonials you will tell the users that you are providing them with the solution to the problem and with strong evidence!

4. Leveraging the product and service page

The product and service page plays a key role in crafting and leading the right viewer’s covert into regular customers. If you have not included the testimonials till yet, then you are missing something huge. Even don’t consider the product and service page the least.

Add some of the best testimonials on your home page as well and some other pages of great importance.  The concept is any page that can be your major player in driving customers should be given the touch of testimonials. Well, make sure you don’t stick to the testimonials.  The relevancy is more important.

5. The call to actions

Next to the call to actions either it’s a business inquiry, email signup or content that can be downloaded adding testimonial can help you earn a better deal. This is one of the most crucial points on your website where you can use testimonials.

A testimonial can be the plus point that is needed to help the customer take a step forward and earn the final objective and make a purchase decision. But make sure again that any testimonial you place should be relevant in terms of context to the page.

6. The publications and printing materials

The publication material often takes a position of less importance than the other digital means of marketing. And that’s completely justified. The digital campaigns are easier to evaluate and measure performance while being more cost controlling the approach can be of a potential help if you hire Wikipedia Page Creation Services rather than going with the highly expensive publication campaigns.

Well, you cannot justify that publications don’t offer any good as per the study published by Forbes: “Print materials give a more realistic feel to the brain and that crucial for memory and brand recognition. If you are making a campaign with the print materials, then add more value to the message you want to deliver by adding testimonials from the potential customers.”

7. The power of social media

Whether you are a social media enthusiast or take leverage from any means of social media to promote your business or brand testimonials are the ones that can help you enhance your views and higher your conversion levels. Alternatively, you can add testimonials in an eye-catching image or post. While keeping in mind the restrictions on the amount of content that needs to be placed in an image on social media. You can evaluate whether social media means will permit your advertisement to run it as an effective marketing tool.

8. Make it more visualized

Not every time the testimonials need to be in writing. Why take a step further and collect audio from the customers or why not go with some visual contents? It’s true that they may be challenging to earn; however, they appear touchier and gives a more authentic tone. And soon they are sure, they’re harder to get, but they’re more personal and feel far more authentic.

Subsequently, they extensively regarded as higher in efficacies than their content based competitors. The visual sources are wonderful for promotions on social media either ask consumers to go live with them and make a short questionnaire about their experiences with your business.

  • The bonus tip for a testimonial video that earns a million views
  • Intimate the customer beforehand so they can formulate the answers with the best interest of yours.
  • make it brief, and to the point, so the viewers don’t get bored.
  • Make proper edits because if the customer is a big talker, it can drag the video to the irrelevant lengths. Make edits and keep the information to the point so that the customers instantly come to make a purchase decision.

9. Make a page for testimonials

While experts strongly recommend you to add testimonials to the website and other marketing means either online or offline. Why not create a collection of all the testimonials on the cross section with the best on your page the best ones will be the lifetime assets for your business and your potential customers.

Placing the testimonials become more important if the third party review websites do not appreciate your product and service. The viewers that have the potential to get converted into loyal customer want to find as much proof as possible, and working with you is the right decision. So make the way easy for them by blending the testimonials in a single head.

10.   Quotation get more attention than a simple testimonial

“If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Steve Jobs founder of Apple. Inc

Is it appealing? Yes obviously because it has said by some well-known personality or perhaps it’s a quotation that’s why. Every other person is driven by the quotations and the real reason behind it is the inspiration they get. Even if you are not ready to read long stories or promotional content a quotation might get your attention when it’s relatable. Why not give it a try with testimonials!


Leading brands use the testimonials as a strength and stand out among the others. So the ball is in your room, how you play the game depends on you!

The testimonials from the customers are something worthy of covering the main page of your website. Not if the main page but at least at your social media accounts to enhance ratings and reviews from the Facebook page, since it’s a proof that you have performed very well. Majority of...