Best 7 SEO Techniques To Rank Your Website On Search Engines

SEO is not a single task or strategy that needs to be implemented in order to bring the site to the top of the results. An effective optimization plan combines many of the best SEO practices that, help the website to increase its credibility in the eyes of search engines.

So, if you want to increase the ranking of your site then you must work on to increase the level of search traffic and popularity on the Internet. For this, you will need to implement the best SEO strategies. Let’s discuss them:

Keyword Optimization

Keyword analysis is the first step in for website optimisation. Keywords research helps you to find out phrases that your target audience is going to look for and the relevant keywords which help you to rank. Here are some other tips, that help you to rank high:

  • Take your time and do keyword analysis thoroughly, as it will help you to find out most searches keywords and phrases.
  • Always add one main keyword to each page of your site.
  • Don’t add the same keywords to multiple pages as it will lead to its cannibalism, which can negatively affect your ranking capabilities.
  • Try to add the main keyword to the page title and if possible place the entire keyword as close as possible to the beginning of the headline.
  • You can also add a keyword to the page’s link structure, this will help in page and URL optimisation.
  • Use the main keyword in the first paragraph because search robots understand the page from the beginning of the content on your page.
  • You can also use the main keyword in at least one sub-title too.
  • Add your main keyword in the meta title it will help search engines to understand the essence of the content on the page.

On-site Content Optimization

On-site content optimization is an important element, but there are certain rules associated with them that everyone needs to follow. Here are some of them:

  • Never publish superficial content because there is no magic or number of contents that you need to write. But, you must use a minimum of 400 words to rank your site naturally.
  • Do not write empty content only to achieve a certain number of words.  If you want your content to be ranked, you must use high-quality, consistently up -to- date content that is well written and extremely useful.
  • For search engines, regularly publishing new content and updating old pages confirm that the site is active and relevant.
  • Do not make copies of pages on the site as the duplicated content on your site will make it difficult for the search engines to analyze the site and rank your pages.
  • Do not steal content from another site because borrowing content from other sites makes your site bad and unethical.
  • Use the canonical tag when publishing duplicate content that tells search robots exactly where to ignore duplicate content.
  • Do not add duplicate meta header and meta description tags.
  • Add images and graphics to your pages.

Link Profile Optimization

Link profile optimization, if done properly can insignificantly boost your website on top search results. Here are some best ways to link optimization:

  • Add links on every page of your website so that your users have the opportunity to go to another useful material without clicking back.
  • Never use link stuffing, as n excessive number of links can confuse users and make them difficult to navigate around the site.
  • Use internal linking option of your website because Internal links help search engines to analyze your site and better understand the content of the pages.
  • As an anchor text for internal links, you can use one of the keywords you are interested in.
  • Always refers to other reputable sites with guest posting and get do-follow links in return.
  • Check and correct all broken links on the website because it will leave a negative impact on the website.
  • Backlinks can be harmful if their sources are spammed and low-quality sites. Therefore, remove them as soon as possible.

Local SEO Tips

Following local SEO tips helps you to search in your nearby locations by the users. Hence, these are important to rank on top results. Let’s  discuss some tips:

  • Create a Google My Business page, as it helps to advance in the results of Google local search results.
  • Add your website to relevant business directories, like, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, etc. as these enhance your company’s image on the Internet.
  • Put a link to your site in all profiles of social networks as it will help to increase the number of backlinks and become a source of additional traffic.
  • Make sure your company’s information must be is correct as this item is one of the mandatory for successful business promotion in a local search.
  • Specify the address of the company in the footer of your site as it helps the search engines to associate your company with a specific geographic region.
  • Add structured data markup or charts show additional information about the page in search results.

Tips For Technical SEO

If there will be any technical error on your website, it will never rank on any search engine results. So, here are some best tips to eliminate your web-errors:

  • Always install an SSL certificate on your website which represents that your website is secured. It also changes your site URL from “http” to “https”.
  • The loading speed of your site affects the user’s impression for the site, remember, the speed of conversion and the number of pages that are indexed by search engines.
  • Use customize the responsive and mobile-friendly design. Such designs not only help SEO but also improve the user experience.
  • For the mobile version of the site, you can use AMP pages that make it easier to read blog posts and load faster on portable devices.
  • Create a Google Webmasters account and submit a Sitemap for review.
  • Create a Webmasters account and submit your Sitemap for review.
  • The robots.txt file provides information to search engines about whether they can get access and the right to analyze certain pages of your site. Therefore, Correctly configure your robots.txt file.

Work With Content Readability

Content helps your business to build and improve search results ranking. So, here we have some techniques for you to write content and rank your website:

  • Always use natural language when writing content on the site.
  • Everyone cannot understand abstrusely written things, so it is important to publish content at the eighth-grade reading level.
  • Another way to make the content more readable is to format it so that it becomes more understandable. Always use short paragraphs, numbered lists, and intuitively so users can easily read and understand the content

Best Use Social Media

These days, the presence of the company on all social media sites become mandatory to get desired results. Here are the best social media optimization tips for you:

  • Create your account on all social media platforms to target more audience
  • Attract their attention by providing special offers, discounts, or gift vouchers.
  • Try to attract and attach the target audience with personal stories.
  • Use your brand’s hashtags and links to land traffic directly to your website.

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you know the best SEO techniques to rank your website on top search results. If you apply all these strategies wisely in your website you will definitely get fruitful results.

Lauren MclarenDigital Marketing
SEO is not a single task or strategy that needs to be implemented in order to bring the site to the top of the results. An effective optimization plan combines many of the best SEO practices that, help the website to increase its credibility in the eyes of search...