Best 9 Ways to Secure Your iPhone Device

When it comes about iPhone, there are no better alternative OS operated devices that can provide better security services. Still, with the increased numbers of tools and software, hackers have become empowered to sneak in and steal your data and misuse it.

Although an iPhone device comes with all the requisite security layouts, there remains crack in the wall basically from user end. Cybercriminals always trying to find out those loopholes and steal your data. Lack of awareness and ignorance are the two major reasons for these attacks. However, the current topic will guide you to make your iPhone device more secure simply following few tips mentioned here.

Secure Your iPhone Device- Best 9 Ways

When it comes to device security then there is no substitution for iPhone devices. But still, a minute ignorance can lead to loss of private information and account credentials. Here, several strategies have been elaborated to make you aware of the areas to concern and mitigate them following certain tools and strategies.

  • Keep Your Device Up-To-Date

As with time, the existent iterations of OS exhibit difficulties and become vulnerable to cybercriminals or hackers. Hackers often find loopholes in Apple’s coding system that can give them access to your data. iOS updates are nothing but a way to combat the flaws by “patching holes and implementing better enhancements”.


For example, in the latter half of January in the current year 2019, a security update issued by Apple highlighted vulnerabilities that could lead to the possibilities of iPhone and iPad being hacked.

Always try to make sure that your device is running on the latest versions iOS including point updates and smaller dots.

The current version of iOS is 12.3.1 and further point updates are released on frequent basis. All you need to do is keep an eye for the latest update and apply it. According to the latest news iOS 13 is likely to be released for the general public by Autumn of this year.

  • Disable Lock Screen Notifications

Even a strong password cannot prevent revealing your data if it appears on lock screen of your device. Sensitive data such as confirmation code, account credentials, personal data etc are likely to be exposed if they appear on lock screen. The less your iPhone device shows this sensitive information through messages, emails or notifications the more your data is safe.

Disable Lock Screen Notifications

As a result, strangers or disliked persons will not be able to sneak in and gain information regarding your private data.

  • Create Longer and Complex Passcode

There are several hacking tools such as GrayKey that can potentially crack iPhone and iPad passwords. Used by law enforcement agencies, the tool can crack a four-digit code within few hours and six-digit one within couple of days.

Create Longer and Complex Passcode

You may have hardly any reason for government agencies to hack into your phone but the real concern is GrayKey falling in wrong hands. It raises the obvious concern that several other tools can help hackers to crack passcode from your device and steal personal information.

In this scenario, until Google comes out with a solution for the vulnerability you need to follow these things that will help you to protect your phone better.

  • Choose a longer passcode usually more than six characters.
  • Use combination of numbers and characters rather than only one of them.
  • Inclusion of special characters further amplifies the strength of your passcode.
  • Avoid Unknown Links

As the name implies, it renders you to not be tempted by any links from an unknown source through email, text or by any means, just ignore it. This poses potential threats to your device and although they cannot directly hack into your device, can avail access to your mail accounts.

These malicious links bear close resemblance with original pages and thus are very tough to detect. Hence, this type of scam is very usual and it makes you reluctant to keep a sharp eye.

In this scenario, an obvious question arises- how to avoid them?

Well, if you cannot trust the appearance of these emails and/or messages then try to ignore them.

Although there are no such circumstances that exemplify occurrence of such incidents, this is more of a general tip that helps you to remain conscious for further security.

  • Do Not Provide Apps Access to Your Messages, Contacts, Photos and Private Data

The very next step to combat against hackers is to revoke permission to access your device and its feature such as contacts, messages and photos to third party apps.

In times of installing any iOS app, you will be prompted to provide permission to access your device’s camera, contacts, microphone etc in order to avail full utilization of all features of the app.

Although granting permission may lead to accessibility to each feature of the app, in turn, the app also has access to your data on your device.

  • Tun Of Cookies in Your Browser

“Cookies are small files that almost every website generates and leave them on your device.”

These cookies might contain information regarding you, your device and any other preferences. As cookies contain some sensitive information or private data, they could be very useful for hackers to avail that information.

Thus, although removal of cookies may be tired-some task for you, it will save your data to fall in wrong hands. After all, data protection is far more concerning matter that some discomfort.

  • Get Accustomed to Use VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is a program that allows its users to have safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network like public internet. With it, a user can encrypt data while sending and decrypt data while receiving them.

Get Accustomed to Use VPN

Thus, it is a requisite tool that provides additional security to your devices irrespective of the type of network- safe or unreliable.

Although the majority of VPNs are free of cost, some are paid versions- which is a fair price for security of your private data.

  • Tun Off Auto-Synchronization With iCloud

“A lot of pictures from a recent leak were originally stored on Apple’s iCloud servers, which drove many celebs crazy.”

You might be thinking that deleting the images from the phone would solve the problem, but it doesn’t. After synchronization with “cloud”, the data remains even after you get rid of them locally.

Any kind of data whether it is contacts, messages, notes or documents- all of them are synced with cloud server unless you prevent it to occur.

This will decrease the chances for your data to be compromised.

  • Disable Siri On Lock Screen

“Anyone can use Siri on a lock screen while you are away from your iPhone!”

“Siri, Apple’s assistant”, no doubt is a great feature of iPhone and it empowers you to access features on your phone hands-free.

Siri Apples assistant

Although Siri asks for some sort of verification while allowing access to contacts, messages, photos and another type of information, there are some instances of mishaps. So, how helpful this feature may be, it can summon drastic consequences by handing your data to hackers.

In order to prevent your information falls in the wrong hands, you need not to completely turn it off. Instead, you can prevent access to your iPhone by activating it from a lock screen or by voice command- “Hey Siri”.

Final Words

In the age of digitization and internet, gadgets and devices have become an indispensable part of daily lives. Majority of daily activities are now conducted over internet and it increases the chances for personal information in the hands of hackers or cybercriminals.

In this scenario, prevention of illegal access to your data and credentials is a bigger concern of all. In this context, developers are on a persistent quest to improve the level of security for your iPhone device.

If you have an iPhone of your own, you might be never worried about your privacy and security. However, to what extent your device security is, there always is no certainty that data on your phone is completely secure.

As noted earlier, in terms of increasing security for your iPhone device, there are hundreds of ways along which most important and common of all are described that fulfills the major concern for your device- security and privacy.

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When it comes about iPhone, there are no better alternative OS operated devices that can provide better security services. Still, with the increased numbers of tools and software, hackers have become empowered to sneak in and steal your data and misuse it. Although an iPhone device comes with all the...