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Canada has gradually emerged as a hub of tech workers and global companies. It is because of the emergence of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, clean technology and health care. Canada has empowered many startup companies to compete at a global level and has hosted various massive technology events. Various Canadian app developers are contributing a lot to the ever-increasing technology. Thus, it is said as well as felt that Canada stands as the world’s attractive country for the global innovators.

Canada is a home to well-educated and highly skilled labour force. Ranging from the best universities to the global rulers of tech companies, it has access to a brilliant talent pool. Along with this, these technology giants are matched with investment, making the talent pool diverse. These technology giants are funding millions to AI research and various R&D projects. These technology giants include Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Canada stands as a fertile ground for entrepreneurs leading their business towards development and progress, further leading to the societies to thrive. Internationally IT professionals are looking up to Canada as a land of opportunities, providing the best environment for them to refine and improve their skills. These professionals are expanding as well as relocating their business in Canada. Cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are a treasure to the global tech developers and innovators.

It’s not just the talent but also students and scientists who are adding feathers to the glory of Canada by making records. Recently, 24 top academics from around the world were recruited by the Canada 150 Research Chairs Program, which is spending $117 million on seven-year grants for leading researchers. They include Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, a professor at Brown University known for her work on fake news and Alán Aspuru-Guzik, a Harvard chemistry professor working on quantum computing and clean energy.

The tech sector of Canada has been identified as one of the largest of economic sectors of Canada. The Governments and various business professionals have realized that attracting the globally best talent can make Canada a bit more competitive. This stands true, especially in IT sector.

The Canadian Government provides every support to the small businesses as well as tech startups by providing various funding programs. Along with this, both the federal and provincial governments have come together to offer grants up to $10,000 per employee participating in workplace training by different approved providers including Global Knowledge.

Along with the government funding, business professionals invest a lot, contributing to real growth of the small businesses and startups. Lately, the Canadian government has stopped to put the tax on the capital gains of the foreign investors in technology, which contributes to the development of VC community.

Talking about the best and the most trusted mobile app development companies in Canada, there’s a list of 10 companies which are contributing a lot to the world from Canada:

  1. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem stands as the best mobile app development company with the best Canadian app developers, since 2011. Because of its best services, it has gained a big name for itself in the tech market. These services include services to provide a strong and scalable mobility solution in the business. The Hyperlink Infosystem is ruling the mobile app development market consecutively for 4 years. This company has produced more than 2000 apps from different categories. Its best services are availed in countries including Canada, Australia, Denmark, Dubai, India, Switzerland, UK and USA. Its in the long experience of Hyperlink Infosystem that the key lies of its growth and progress. Its uniqueness for the app development has made it superior among the other mobile app development companies.

2.      Plastic Mobile

Plastic Mobile is one of the renowned mobile app development companies. It has a workforce of skilled designers, developers, and project manager with a single vision that of making excellent mobile apps. This workforce of Canadian app developers has developed n number of mobile apps till date which stand among the most downloaded apps in the market. They offer dedicated resources at a reasonable rate. They possess the best experience in developing mobile apps including native as well as hybrid apps with deep focus on strong performance and intuitive design.

3.      Steamclock Software

Steamclock possess a good amount of experience in developing the mobile apps. Their skilled mobile app development workforce has a good amount of experience to develop user-friendly, and best mobile apps. It has a big network of Canadian designers as well as Canadian app developers working all over the world. They believe in offering products and services that are useful to its customers. Thus, Steamclock is one of the few companies that have achieved a grand success.

4.      Pieoneers

Pieoneers app development powerhouse to a best mobile service as they needed to give their customers the best end-to-end service which not only covers the web as well as mobile development services but also offers their product to their customers and develop more interest. Their unique ideas leave a long-lasting impact on their customers.

5.      Guarana Technologies

Established in 2011, Guarana Technologies is one of the leading mobile app development companies based in Canada, with its offices in Brazil and Japan. These Canadian app developers develop great apps for all the platforms on smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices. These developers are certified experts for making apps to be run on iOS and Android. They work on the latest technology.

6.      Spiria

Since 2003, Spiria has used global expertise and resources to help the startups in Canada, of all sizes so that they can achieve their objective of digital solution development. Spiria delivers a high-value and high quality of customer experience. Its workforce constitutes of almost 100 experienced app developers who try to use the latest technology to innovate different apps. The developers and designers work closely with the customers to provide them the best product.

7.      Consultica

Consultica is a top mobile app development company which work with the startups as well as enterprise level clients. Established in 2009, it develops n number of mobile apps for iOS, Android, as well as for the web. The vision is to enhance the quality of life by providing quality technology. It can be achieved by developing transaction-intensive and feature-filled mobile apps which can improve both customer maintenance and workplace productivity. The workforce has worked with the people in different industries to develop best mobile apps.

8.      Underlabs Inc.

Underlabs Inc. is one of the digital mobile app development companies. It specializes in developing smart and meaningful web-based products and platforms for its customers. The workforce at Underlabs Inc. go to every extent to innovate new products and services for its customers and thus it leaves a long-lasting impact on the customers. The company allows creativity to develop the mobile apps, thus contributing to produce long-term relationships.

9.      MindSea

Established in 2009, the workforce at MindSea focuses solely on the mobile app development projects. The MindSea company produces the best, interesting, and informative mobile apps. The workforce at MindSea has expertise in planning, business study, designing, development, project management, along with testing. The company has productive problem-solvers who are ready to deal with new requirements and to interact well with the apps for the customers. They hold a strong belief that it’s the custom software that is the most powerful tool to build a great impact on their clients by giving excellent results.

10.  OAB Studios

OAB Studios company also stands on the hit-list of the mobile app development companies. It provides custom and enterprise web and mobile solutions on different platforms. The company attempts to exceed the expectations at connecting design, plan, testing and development skills to bring out great mobile apps for its customers and enterprises. The workforce of this company not only works on designing but also on coding. It cooperates with managers, companies, as well as big brands.

According to the MoneyTree Report by WC and CB Insights, the mobile app economy, which contributes to a major part of the digital economy of Canada, is expected to play a major role in the economic development in the upcoming years. Apps like Breather, Ritual, Hopper, and Top Hat have spent millions to funds over the last few years. With this funding, they are hopeful to achieve the unicorn status. This, also, proves that the appetite for mobile app-based products as well as services, is likely to grow in Canada at a very high rate. There are n number of entrepreneurs from technical as well as non-technical backgrounds which are ready to avail all the opportunities with great acceleration to top the chart of incubators.

With a relative fall in technical entrepreneurs (because of the brain drain from north to the south of the Canadian border attracted by the charm of the Silicon Valley), there is more adept among the entrepreneurs to develop their own mobile apps. On the other hand, the non-technical entrepreneurs still rely on the mobile app developers and mobile app development companies to give life to their innovative and emerging ideas.

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Canada has gradually emerged as a hub of tech workers and global companies. It is because of the emergence of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, clean technology and health care. Canada has empowered many startup companies to compete at a global level and has hosted various massive technology events....