Interesting Content Trends

Content marketing is evolving day by day. As and when, there is an introduction to the newest systems like social network algorithms, marketing tools, and new brand connected devices. All of these give great challenges and opportunities for engagement with the target audiences. With the anticipated worth of billions with the year 2021, there has been a lot of evolving activities in the process. Well, this surely gives a sign of expecting more content in production. How do we know what kind of content is liked by the users?

This time we need to turn serious as the content is regarded as the core of digital marketing as it connects and brings upon learning the world of communication in the right manner. As per the technologies being expanded over the year, a lot of capabilities of the marketers have been coming into consideration as for how is their usage undertaken, robots replacing jobs, all of it has turned extremely competitive for the brands who are actually trying to grab the attention towards their side.

Presently, content is the center of attraction as it connects the brand and the customer, by opening the mind or hearts of the customers, so that they can pay heed about the brand existence. There would be no other way if one cannot connect with the audience in a more human, authentic and leveling up the way for strengthening the deep relationships, selling measures leading to exponential results.

Content Marketing

Every year, the development of content marketing plans is the bottom line as there is a definite need for one. Content marketing plans are beneficial for aligning the content as per the goals of the business. All that a businessman needs is to find the sweet spot which can create, give an idea and publish content that serves the audience in a personal as well as a professional manner for achievement of their goals. This process is surely not going to be an easy one as was in the earlier years. Every day an intelligent marketer is making his or her way towards working on the plans and developing content calendars that are collected with lots of content to delight as well as engage the audience. Those days are gone when the lazy businesses used to spill around the social media content on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so much more because now is the time to turn the game!

Say no to Click Bait

This the time for originality and reality. Well, yes! Mostly, seventy-eight percent of the customers feel that similar content can level up the urge of their purchasing intent. The content should be real and relevant. Could anything be simpler? Write down your content, with your ideas. In case, you do not shoot up with the ideas then hire an assistant writer or an agency who could be beneficial for writing them. No such marketer is into copying the hottest headlines, or the viral content of the other writer, as everyone is thorough about the fact that adding original content is the key. Even the customers have turned great decision-makers, as they avoid websites that have clickbait content and go on surfing for real content that helps solve the problems quickly and easily.

Customers crave the websites to earn their trust, which is the biggest factor in problem-solving. As customers are respected as the valuable assets of a business, so it is essential to respect the timeline and mind share the opinions of the users, readers, listeners, viewers because they love such attention. This way customers are more into rewarding the website with organic reach and expansion of brand for sharing good content with friends as well as colleagues.


One must know that influencer marketing is an old thing. Also, it is misinterpreted by marketers as well as business people. It is not important to hire big celebrities, as local or national ones would also do. You never know while surfing inside the business or consumers, one may get the right fit for influencing.

Marketing by influencing does not mean to find a popular influencer, rather choose micro influential marketing. This is a form of marketing that can act as a game-changer for most businesses of different sizes and considered the largest method for brand awareness, expansion of business and finding true connections through the target audience. Doing a choice of the apt influencer is the correct way for the achievement of success, as it is a great thought out program which focuses on the maintenance of relationships, targeting goals, keeping a check on the results.

It might not be easy as big influencer marketing, rather it would be a difficult task however, the best one is achieved with hard work.

Voice Search

Rather than planning and optimization of keywords by thinking how the customers would type something, one should also think about how the customers would voice into their requirements into the mobile device? With searches, a big change is coming over which makes it inevitable for the businesses to ignore it.

There should be at least some part of the content that answers the great questions and answers so that the same question answers can be seen on the search history and can be proven helpful for the other consumers. Businesses should know about the thoughts of the people, as it can be highly helpful in setting keywords.

Also, mobile responsive, as well as optimized websites, are already important and mostly the voice searches are undertaken by mobile phones itself.

New Foundations

If you have not thought of anything creative, then it is the right time to do that now. Testing of new formats for videos, audios and short stories is something new for the business. With the new year, there are a lot of things that can be adapted in the business like podcasts, bots for providing good customer services and so much more. Business comes with risks, so there should be enough risk-taking nature for a business to try out the newest of things that can be the best or vice versa for the venture. With different formats, mediums, activities, major differences can occur.

For the people who are mostly into preferring long kind of content, it should be helpful to test the shorter one, or the bit-sized format like the stories feature on WhatsApp, facebook, and Instagram. If you are the one who focuses on short videos, then try out the longer videos, as they can be a great help for achieving better ranks, higher traffic and offering tons of search engine optimization benefits. Concentrate on planning a proper strategy for your business, rather than following the trend like other businesses, as it would make you stand completely out of the box. Make way with formats and crafts which made you feel unsure earlier. It is better to try something than being stuck with the same old stuff. The motto should be serving value to the audience.

Story Telling

One of the rarest skills that are not honed by every other marketer, as only a brand storyteller can do it. Most people presume storytelling as talking about business, instead, it is more about why things are done, how are they done, what is done? It is an experience that is created for engaging with the customer aptly and against the measure of bragging about the business. There is a huge difference between both of them. Telling the story behind the success, the number of hurdles crosses and why, how hard were the hurdles, the mediums of traveling from the hurdles, and the present situation, experience of customers now, basically the journey!

You would require many brands touches for people to remember the brand and it is better to maximize the touchpoints for the creation of experiences that matter and are based in a real manner for shaping up the future and business of people.

Data-Based Decisions

Decisions taken from factual data can cure the social syndrome any business has. The content marketing practices and the tactics prioritized for building the data-driven decisions is more important than anything else. This is the right measure for distancing oneself from the low self-esteemed nature of coming out as a business. There is no need to be the best from every marketer or social network, however, different from the rest!

Always concentrate on flourishing different stuff to the customers, as you never know if it is good or super good for them. While developing a plan which is based on the needs and requirements of data, it turns time-saving for the business as well. The new approaches can raise the level of business and be a totally different distinction of your brand.

Maybe this year with SEO India, businesses can achieve success by choosing the right strategy at every point in time, no matter what. For winning in business, make out time for planning the right measures and be ready to turn dreams into reality.

Ravi SharmaContent Marketing
Content marketing is evolving day by day. As and when, there is an introduction to the newest systems like social network algorithms, marketing tools, and new brand connected devices. All of these give great challenges and opportunities for engagement with the target audiences. With the anticipated worth of billions...