Digital Marketing guide for small Businesses

As a small business owner, whatever your niche market, you will probably be overwhelmed with numerous responsibilities every day. Whether its sales, accounting or just managing day-to-day operations, tracking the continuous flow of work can be exhausting. Due to moments of transient crises and this enormous amount of activities, a fundamental aspect to the development of any business is often left aside indefinitely and many of the times even initiated that is the marketing of its Company.

As your time is practically all taken up by other types of demands, it is important to concentrate your marketing efforts where they can cause the greatest impact by consuming little time from their activities. It is possible to accomplish this through the digital space. While the reality of the vast majority of small businesses does not make it feasible to compete in all aspects of the digital landscape with companies that have been working for some time and therefore have ensured relevance for a particular online audience, small businesses ( Autonomous professionals and service providers are also part) can benefit from the online world with strategies and methodologies focusing on some key areas where they can gain an advantage over their larger competitors or compete equally. Yes, the advantage of the Internet is that it makes it possible. Small businesses competing in equality with large companies.

In the experience we have acquired over the years working with domestic and international clients of small and medium size as a web design and digital marketing agency, these are the most important areas that small business owners should prioritize.

Mobile strategy

If your digital marketing strategy isn’t optimized for mobile platforms, you’re probably missing the chance to talk to a massive audience/customer.

In a research published by IBGE-Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics in April 2018, it was found that 70.5% of Brazilian households started to have internet access in 2017 that means 49.2 million of households connected last year. This number represents a significant growth in relation to 44 million (63.6%) Recorded in 2016, even more if we included in the account that up to 2013 less than half of the residences had some kind of internet access in the country.

The survey also revealed that these residents are increasingly accessing the Internet by their own mobile phone because 92.7% of households already counted on at least one person who owns a mobile phone line.

To stay competitive, your strategy should include at least the following:

Have a responsive website: Firstly, your site should be designed in a way that is fully functional on mobile phones, tablets, and conventional computers, which means that the site should use a responsive design. As research shows, mobile phones are becoming the primary means of access to Internet browsing, and that’s all over the world! Therefore, it is important that you offer a good browsing experience for your user with both mobile and desktop users. Have a responsive design website for sure the best way to achieve this goal!

If you are thinking about building a website for your business or want to redesign a website that you already have with the standards adopted around the world and that generate real results, you can access our unique content for creating Sites and better understand how everything works.

Geographic targeting: Facebook offers the ability to serve ads for mobile phones and computers that can be targeted by geographic region for your customers. The best part of this service is that the delivery of ads is based on your location, namely you can create through Facebook ads only to the city of Sao Paulo, and still, if you are a local trade as a physical store, bakery, clinic, restaurant, etc., you can point your ad to reach only people who are close to the neighborhood/street of your establishment. Because consumers are consistently using mobile phones to locate nearby services and businesses, this offers an exclusive way to reach potential customers in specific geographic areas that might otherwise not have found the path to your site or your address.

To start creating your ads in a way that actually yields results or to have fixed support in your trade in this activity, you can access our content from sponsored ads campaigns and know everything you need to start right now!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The good ranking in search engines requires the implementation of excellent information from strategic and marketing publications known as SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This to enhance and improve the placement of your site in the Internet search pages such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, naturally (organic = unpaid) generating conversions for certain objectives within your site, be they, the acquisition of new Leads (prospective customers), a purchase, a form submission, scheduling appointments and other endless business possibilities.

Many users only view the first page of search engine results by fetching something or looking at what’s featured in Google search results. Those who rank near the top of the Web search results pages have nothing to worry about, but those listed on the pages below usually see a sharp drop in visits to your site.

Google focuses your focus on the quality of content that will be delivered to anyone searching – your customer. In this case, not only Google but all internet search engines Consider how this content is written and being made available, starting with whether or not it is accessible by mobile and other hundreds of techniques involving the creation of good Content for this adopted pattern. Search engines also understand who mobile users are, and thus deliver the content in an optimized way to better read through mobile devices.

Small businesses can benefit from this also by concentrating their efforts on optimizing site-SEO work to get advantage across the online world. To learn more about this topic, see this unique content about SEO – site optimization.

Video content

Did you know that the average amount of video content watched on YouTube globally is 3.25 billion hours a month? This is an incredible amount of videos and should provide some tips on why this content format should be a priority for your business. Creating immersive video content for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can help you reach customers efficiently while creating brand awareness.

When creating videos, it is important to consider how and where you will post them. For example, until recently, it was widely accepted that the videos should be filmed horizontally. However, with the growing popularity of the “Stories” feature on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and now IGTV, the videos made vertically have become the norm to suit these formats.

Inflators Marketing

Infusers marketing is on the rise at 2018. When done correctly, it can positively impact the public’s perception of your business product or service, inspire loyalty to your brand, promote organic conversations in social media and boost your sales!

The content is king when it comes to a successful marketing campaign. Identify the create campaign Aspects launching before and to following: include new:

Platform Insights: is my content in the right place? A common misunderstanding is that you need to be everywhere, when the truth is that you simply need to be in the places where your customers are. If your content performs poorly on certain platforms, you should reassess whether or not to concentrate your efforts on that platform. To know this information, always follow and write data about your traffic on social networks and websites, behaviors of your audience, times of access to your content and content types with greater engagement. Simply analyze everything! So, you’ll probably get out of “schism” and go to what is actually the reality for you. Seeking professional help for insights and analytics from your audience and content is always a quick and reliable option. Believe me, the hours you lose are very expensive creating content and on platforms that do not bring results to your business and do not direct you to anywhere. So, talk to a specialist.

Social and research trends: in life, Time is everything, and this concept also translates into its content. Even the best content, when published in the wrong moments, has the probable chance of getting lost from the audience you want to achieve, and that’s why you should always be updating yourself on social trends and research to publish content that People are looking for. Don’t lose focus!

Content Calendar: A common business error when it comes to content is to create and post on time without any kind of plan. This style of error or hit will inevitably produce unexpected results, while a carefully crafted content calendar produces consistency and has a logic for being linked to previously established goals and goals. A calendar provides a preview of your next content strategy and helps you create a consistent flow of content to better build your brand in the medium and long term.

Reliable infusers: Inflator marketing has everything to do with authenticity, which means allowing an inflator some level of freedom to create genuine content for them. In this sense, as a company owner, you need to have trusted people in this position who understand how to merge their goals with what they produce. It is essential to allow them freedom in the creation of content, so that it has validity and authenticity while still realizing its objectives. This requires trust from both parties.

A common problem among small business owners is the lack of understanding about whether their marketing efforts are effective. To avoid this, make sure you’re getting valuable insights by measuring key metrics with programs like Google Analytics. So, learn how to adjust your efforts to be effective or talk to an expert to help you. You may not have time or resources to explore all digital marketing strategies, but at a minimum, take time to put your digital marketing focus on these key areas to compete as a small business in digital space.

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As a small business owner, whatever your niche market, you will probably be overwhelmed with numerous responsibilities every day. Whether its sales, accounting or just managing day-to-day operations, tracking the continuous flow of work can be exhausting. Due to moments of transient crises and this enormous amount of activities,...