Self-storage can be a daunting task, especially for businesses like you. First, you need to understand if and when you actually need such a service. Then you need to actually undertake the process after effectively figuring out the nuances of the task at hand: the amount of space you need, sorting the stuff needed to put away in the self-storage unit, organizing things for easy retrieval, pricing, security, accessibility, customer service, and what not.

This blog covers all the essential aspects that can concern someone making his or her mind up for a self-storage unit.

Everything Must-know About Using a Self-storage Service!

Benefits of opting for self-storage over a warehouse

You might want to justify opting warehouse for your storage needs but being sensible and responsible about it goes a long way. Keeping your ego aside will save you from spending when not needed. When your storage needs can be met by a self-storage unit, why be tempted into paying more.

  • Secured and business-friendly Infrastructure

Secure self storage services have become very business friendly. You can also install CCTV surveillance to keep your storages and storehouse more safe and sound.

  • Reliable and Relevant

It usually costs less due to non-applicability of VAT, business rates or utility bills. Self-storage services also provides well and sophisticated spaces and places to keep your repository more reliable and proper.

  • Sophisticated and Scalable

The space is easily scalable (up or down, you choose) as and when you want.

  • Cost Effective

You can take advantage of buying bargains without thinking twice about storage space.

  • Helps to keep safe from pesticides

Fail-safe environment, climate controlled storage units, pest-control taken care of, equipment to ease loading and unloading, insurance, security features, and many aspects that businesses worry about are already a part of service offered by self-storage companies.

  • Increase productivity

Businesses can be declutter and improve their productivity.

How self-storage helps businesses in many different situations

Businesses might need a self-storage service for reasons unique to their work. Here are some of the situations where the need is primary:

  • Stocking:

For a small business, you might at some point producing more than you can sell for a limited amount of time. For that time, storing the stock in self-storage would definitely make sense.

  • Requiring seasonal space:

Peak time demands peak activities and peak performance. If this is true for your business as well, renting storage units during this peak period makes sense.

  • Moving, renovating or refurbishing

Short-term storage often makes a good use during any of these activities you are involved in at your premises.

  • Archiving files

Businesses come with a need to keep records, and even today much of that could be in paper form. Over the time, these could pile up before they could be discarded as waste. Self-storage is the solution you can use.

  • Storing materials rarely but definitely used

For instance, if appearing at exhibition is a necessity and leave you with a lot of promotional material for display. Keeping them offsite would really make a good business decision.

  • Keeping away tools and equipment

In a certain trade, at a certain time there could be a lot of tools. People like electricians, plumbers and gardeners surely can make a good use of the storage units without worrying about break-ins.

What to expect from a self-storage unit

  • You can choose the storage size you need. Companies often help you figure out the right-sized storage space depending on what you need to store.
  • You can access your unit whenever you need it. Some companies work just on weekdays but most customer-centric self-storage companies go beyond 9-5, like 7 days a week.
  • You can opt for self-storage for any length of time, from few days to few months to a year or two and then some more.
  • Businesses can grow and so can your storage-space. What’s best, you can do that without any transfer fee.
  • With a great self-storage company, you need not worrying about loading and unloading. They also offer driving up to the unit, employing loading bays and trolleys to move your stock or equipment in or out. You should not be shocked if some units tell you about having vehicular access.
  • If you are a multiple location firm, find a self-storage company that serves several locations especially some of those you work in. You can rent multiple storage units at multiple locations at once.

Now that you have made your mind up about self-storage, it would be better to know about the mistakes people commit while packing and storing away their stuff in their rented unit.

Most common mistakes while using self-storage unit

Following are some of the common things people miss out while packing for storing:

  • Most people get exhausted endlessly writing on the boxes. Save time with colour coding when not labelling and get more done in the time you have saved.
  • You can save time and efforts with wardrobe boxes which most people are not aware about. Don’t toil away un-hanging, folding and re-hanging.
  • Anti-breakage packing kits can look costly but not so much when you care more for your precious handpicked glassware. Not buying these can cause damage while transportation, loading, unloading or storing.
  • Get insurance for the list of items you choose to store as the company might not be liable for all your goods. Taking things for granted is serious money involvement.
  • Not getting specific furniture covers for furniture can cause you dearly if get ripped.
  • Storing any food items can cause pest infestation, even the dried food stuff. These could be clear invitation to uninvited pests.
  • Not making use of vertical space will cause you money. Plan intelligently and stack boxes, taking care to create aisle to easily navigate through your stuff.

The above list under all the headers could not be all comprehensive but include the most important points that must be at your radar while stocking away in a self-storage units. Make the best use of the info provided in the blog!

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Self-storage can be a daunting task, especially for businesses like you. First, you need to understand if and when you actually need such a service. Then you need to actually undertake the process after effectively figuring out the nuances of the task at hand: the amount of space you...