How automation is set to create a new world order in the business landscape?

What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the word ‘automation’? For many of us, the very thing that comes to mind is jobs being grabbed by super-intelligent computers and systems. For many, it is all about some sci-fi flick that is all about robots taking over the world, very much like Skynet! These make great catchy headlines, but the truth is quite contrary to these over-hyped gimmicks.

Fear not for automation won’t be stealing jobs. In fact, it will be making lives easier for us and most importantly, assisting the very bottom-line for businesses i.e. streamlining critical operations and processes. Artificial intelligence, chatbots, machine learning and automation though would curb routine chores freeing up employees, the human touch will continue to stay is not fading anytime soon.

In fact, automation is already unraveling a new world order in the business landscape. For example, automation is helping drive customer experience for a number of small businesses allowing them to compete with their larger counterparts. Software automation on the other hand is rendering more time at hand to run a business. SaaS based customer relationship management or CRM software is one fine example here.

Without further ado, let us clear the air. Here’s how automation is setting off a revolution in the business ecosystem:

  • Fewer human errors

As more and more organizations are turning to automation to free up their employees from repetitive mundane chores, they are also eliminating human errors thus, making processes more efficient and agile. Software automation can adapt and learn more efficiently and quickly than humans. For example, AI powered chatbots are proving out to be a boon when it comes to managing customer service and support. Yes, these chatbots gather information/data and leverage machine learning algorithms with the most relevant responses to help customers.

  • Improved productivity

As mentioned above, automation is greatly helping businesses free up time for their employees, the time saved can be utilized to focus on other strategic and creative chores that call for deeper human intelligence and intervention. Eureka! Improved productivity is what automation is delivering to businesses all across the world by taking up most of the routine and monotonous admin chores. Most importantly, you simply can’t afford to ignore the reduction in human errors that automation gifts a business with.  

  • More sales

Salespeople spend around 60-70% of their time chasing leads and nurturing them whereas the remaining percentage is drained in closing the opportunities/leads. Since qualifying or nurturing a lead calls for extensive research, communication, emails, phone calls and what not before closing it. Do not panic, as automation won’t take up this job totally, but would in fact help speed up the entire process that is tiring as well as exhaustive. Yes, automation is no less than a blessing in disguise for salespeople. For example, imagine an AI-powered CRM system that can schedule meetings and send meeting reminders/invites automatically. That would free up a huge amount of time for the sales reps, which they can channelize in other key tasks like drafting a personalized email or communicating with prospective buyers. Long story short, AI and automation would greatly benefit sales reps, since it would assist them focus on what matters the most i.e., selling.

  • Improved time prioritization, because priorities!

Ask any marketing or sales folk about his/her biggest obstacle and the answer would be definitely something on the line of ‘difficulties with time prioritization’.Gone are the days of relying on legacy tools or practices to guess the right time for reaching out to a prospect or keeping track of the communication history for multiple prospects/leads. Yes, it is the era of automation and intelligent CRM software that would determine the most apt time for reaching out to a prospect as well as decide for the next suitable action in the sales pipeline.

  • Smarter sales and marketing suggestions

Coming back to sales again, here is the most exciting impact of automation on sales. Since AI is capable of churning out and reading gigantic volumes of data in no time, it will be a treasure chest to unearth or come up with smarter suggestions if analyzed well. For instance, it can alert a salesperson to connect or follow up with a prospect or lead after the very first contact is made. This is where intelligent CRM solutions come into picture, since they can smartly analyze and machine learn the data of customers, calendar, social, emails, etc. before coming up with intelligent and smarter recommendations based on the pre-defined goals being set. Salespeople ought to simply connect the dots here to come up with relevant steps to be taken. 

  • Improved ROI

Since software automation takes off a great deal of burden from the shoulders of employees, imagine the surge in ROI (return on investment). With improved productivity and fewer human errors, the average costs for the routine chores go down substantially, which in turn amplifies return on investment.


Though technology and machines have helped us accomplish wonders, human touch would never be obsolete! In addition, since automation is very much in its infancy, it shouldn’t bother humans when it coming to their jobs. Yes, we would never lose our jobs totally to automation or machines. While AI and advance automationtechnology’s ability to interpret language and emotions would continue to improve with time, it is quite unlikely for it to fully replace human touch in terms of trust building.

Though we’re in the infancy stages of automation, it will soon or rather say is already driving key business operations from customer relationship management to marketing and what not. The future is worth shouting for!

Manali NalawadeBusiness
What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the word ‘automation’? For many of us, the very thing that comes to mind is jobs being grabbed by super-intelligent computers and systems. For many, it is all about some sci-fi flick that is all about...