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After Facebook came into the picture, social media has not been the same. With more and more number of people getting entangled in the web of social media, it has become an essential part of our lives. Well, welcome to the digital world of 21st century.

Popularity of social media has given a great opportunity to entrepreneurs in taking their business to the next level. If you have a business today, then it has zero percent probability that you are digitally not present on the social media platforms. Social media marketing, being free to use, has caught the eye of entrepreneurs. But, does social media techniques are always beneficial to market the business or a brand? A big YES! If implemented the right way, they are sure to skyrocket the revenue growth and can firmly position your appearance in the market.

Reading so far, you must be curious to know the different strategies to boost your market presence. Don’t worry, give this article a read as I have listed some of the important social media strategies here.

Let’s dive in and acquire this skill once and for all. Grab a pen and paper!

  1. Choose Your Weapon Wisely: Why are you on social media? If your answer is “Uhh… because my competitors are on it”, then it’s high time you should get a reality check. Don’t just be on social media platforms, but show your presence on it. Let’s just simplify things for you.

Begin with choosing a right platform according to your target audience. Now, comes the big questions, “How do I know that which networking site is suitable for my business?” Well, its not that difficult. Let’s see how.

  • Facebook: At this moment when you are reading this blog, there are more people using “Facebook” than those “Facing a Book.” With over 2 Billion+ users, Facebook is a household name. This networking website is suitable to promote your brand as well as to generate leads and traffic on your website. Having users of different age groups, this website is suitable to promote any kind of business to attract potential customers.
  • Twitter: If you want to advertise your business through time-specific information or breaking news, then this platform will surely prove beneficial to you. Be witty and humorous with your tweets to draw the attention of the public.
  • LinkedIn: If you are a proud owner of a consultancy that provides job opportunities to the people, then LinkedIn is your match made in heaven. It is a business networking platform that helps the users to build trust, communicate with the authority, and market their business in a formal way. Use LinkedIn and get “Linked-In” to this new business strategy to formally market your organization.
  • Instagram: It is one of the fastest growing social media platforms that allows the users to share pictures. If you wish to promote your business through visually appealing content, then Instagram can escalate your business growth. Design catchy posts to gain followers and a double-tap.
  1. Set Your Goals: Now that when you have chosen a right platform to promote your business, set your goals and objectives. When I say, “Set your goals,” I mean to say “Set achievable goals and break them into small actions through a strategy.” Social media can be used to perform a lot of promotional activities, like indulging with the customers, increasing web traffic, generating leads, and gaining feedback. But, in order to achieve these many benefits, you have to set some goals in your mind. Be clear about the usage of different social media platforms and how will you use them to get your things done. Plan a strategy to maximize the output of social media advertising. Remember the following pro-tips to slay your goals.
  • Play with Numbers: Always aim to increase the number of your followers. Remember every single Like, Share, Follower counts!
  • Make Your Goals “SMART

S- Specify your social media account and set your goals according to it.

M- Measure you goals according to your current audience.

A- Achievable goals will boost your confidence.

R- Relevant goals that will help your business in the long run.

T- Time-specific targets to stay ahead in the game.

  1. Come Up with a Powerful Strategy: Setting goals for improving your digital presence is great, but it can’t be achieved without a strategy. Come up with a strong plan to execute your goals and objectives. Firstly, form a social media team and assign different job roles to the members of the team. After that, decide the frequency of the content posting. Also, you can prepare a content calender that will help you plan your post in a week/month and make sure that you don’t miss any days. Be creative with your work; think of something that has not been done in the past by your competitors. You can use eye-catching one liners and interesting videos to attract the customer’s attention. When humor and creativity go hand in hand, then results are sure to be amazing. Your social media marketing strategy should focus on the following key points.
  • Know the audience that you wish to target.
  • Create your content according to their interest.
  • Summarize different techniques that you will be using to market your campaign.
  • Take help of different analytical tools. For instance Google Analytics to monitor the progress of your social media accounts.
  • Feedback is always important. Take feedback from your customers and work on it.
  1. Know Your Target Audience: Remember, not everyone is your audience. Analyze the audience carefully to find out its interest and work accordingly. For this, you will have to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers to know what attracts them. Knowing following things about your customers will help you in the long run.
  • The social networking site where your audience is mostly active.
  • The interest of your customers and the things that they like to read or share on social media.
  • Know their demographics (age, gender, income, etc.) and psychographics (personality).

Also, you can implement some of the below mentioned strategies to know your customers better:

  • Ask your customers to fill survey forms. This will help you know them better.
  • Participate on the forums that are followed by your audience.
  1. Engage Your Audience: Don’t promote your services always. Instead, engage the audience in different activities to maintain a healthy customer relationship. Even if you are promoting your services, do it in a subtle way. The users should not feel like you are constantly promoting your product or brand, else they will unfollow your social media page and maintain a distance from your brand. Gone are the days when the brand page just did the promotion. Nowadays, brand pages crack jokes and interact with their customers as humans. The personification of social media accounts have abridge the gap between the brands and their target audience.

You can use the following strategies to get yourself engaged with the audience.

  • Updating puzzles or mysteries on your social media account to attract the attention of the users.
  • Commenting on a post shared by any of the follower. This will build their trust on your company.
  • Take user’s poll on different topics. This will also help you know their interests.
  • Ask the opinion of your customers on a recent incident or an article.
  1. Stay Updated: If you want your page to be trending among the audience, then make sure you include trending topics in your feeds. You can use current headlines or incidents and share your opinion on the same. This will fetch you a lot of attention as people are always searching for current news and topics. This will let your customers know that you are active on various social networking platforms.
  2. Optimize Your Social Media Accounts: In order to generate leads and traffic on your website, you should learn some of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Using these techniques, you can make your website appear at the top in the searches. Also, these techniques are non-paid. So, if you are not willing to spend a penny on promotion, then these techniques will be helpful for you. Let’s get started.
  • Search for Keywords and Use Them: Suppose you own a Chinese restaurant in the UK. Obviously, you will want your website to appear among the top searches when a customer search for “Chinese restaurants in the UK.” Use this keyword effectively in your content to generate traffic on the website. Also, this technique can backfire if you use the keywords more frequently in your content.
  • Optimize Your Social Media Profile: Search engines track each and every part of your social media pages and then rank them in the searches. Thus, make sure that your profile is optimized as well. Keep these three things in mind.
  • Profile Photo: Place your company logo as the profile picture of your account.
  • Username: Choose the name of your company as the username of your account. This will help your customers track you easily on the social media platforms.
  • Profile Bio: Use relevant keywords in the bio section. You should also provide your website link to generate more traffic on your website. Also, briefly summarize about your company and provide all the relevant details.
  1. Ditch Content, Use Visuals: Let’s admit the fact that we, as humans, are more attracted towards visual content. Also, social media isn’t the place for posting lengthy content as we have just got seconds to attract the attention of the users to stop scrolling their newsfeed and see your content.

You can use the following visual content to draw the attention of your followers for more likes and shares-

  • Infographic: This visual graphic representation displays information using minimal content and interesting graphics. Design an attractive infographic and get your job done.
  • GIFs: This visual content is currently trending among the teenagers. Looping videos are short and thus, can be used to advertise the offers and discounts available to the customers.
  • Videos: Posting a video is again a good idea to stay connected to your customers. Nowadays, many social networking websites provide a feature to post live videos.
  • Photos: Posting photos with your team or a quote is again a good method to showcase your digital presence.
  1. Techniques: Roll up your sleeves as these techniques are sure to blow your mind. Let’s begin.
  • Provide Links on Your Website: Link all your social media profiles in the ‘Contact Us’ section of your website. This will ease the task for your customer in tracking you down. You can also wish to provide your website’s URL on different social media platforms. Clicking on the link will ultimately increase the traffic on your website.
  • Show Your Presence: Ask your colleagues or friends to share your social media accounts. This is one of the easiest approaches to gain followers. Also, the followers obtained will be genuine and not the dummy ones. But remember, don’t be spammy in following this approach. Spread the word and let the world know your digital presence.
  • Use Hashtags: Hashtags are currently in the news for all the good reasons. Many big companies are using hashtags to increase the traffic and bring more users to visit their social media accounts.
  • Giveaways: This four letter word never fails to attract the attention of the visitors. Users who generally visit your social media account have a general question in their mind, “What is there for me on this website?” How about surprising them with free giveaways. You can consider giving customized merchandise to the customers. This will help you promote your services as well as gaining a customer. Phrases, such as “First one to comment on the post will get a merchandise free” have become a new marketing strategy.

Wrapping up all, these strategies are sure to help you in establishing your digital present and become a social media expert. All the best!

Summary: Social media is a great platform to build a strong network for your business. However, some young entrepreneurs struggle to find the right strategies and techniques to use social media to escalate their revenue growth. This blog highlights some of the best strategies to boost your social media presence.

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After Facebook came into the picture, social media has not been the same. With more and more number of people getting entangled in the web of social media, it has become an essential part of our lives. Well, welcome to the digital world of 21st century. Popularity of social media...