How To Create The Perfect Marketing Plan For Business

The existence of a business is defined by the presence of its audience. The products or service you are selling is ultimately designed for them.

Whether the objective is to brand as B2C or B2B, target audience needs to be pushed towards your business, one or the other way.

Let’s not be ambiguous about it. In simple words, the only way to be the Brand that every customer wants is to integrated marketing strategies and promotional skills which gives them something to cling on.

The Nitty-Gritty of Marketing

Ever since the inception of business which is probably 3000 years ago, the entrepreneurs are defining ways to market their brand.

The initial stages of marketing were all about how the goods were presented in front of the customers. Every aspect of marketing depended on the convincing matter through communication.

The ancient China and India, both of them were the ground-breaking countries for starting the business industry.

As they were the first inventors of business, the marketing concept evolved from the business minds of China and India.

Marketing Concept’s Modern Phase

Marketing Concept’s Modern Phase

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The period of the Industrial Revolution was the time when marketing strategies started to evolve.

Innovations and technological advancements were grasping like the speed of a Cheetah. Visual innovation was one of the trickiest yet most effective channels of marketing.

Mass media took over the marketing plan over the means of communicating from door to door.

The existence of marketing was never obsolete and never will be. As time shall pass, the tactics are only going to change shape like water.

Living in the era of 2019, technology is riding the controls of marketing. Understanding technology is nothing like a cake-walk.

To cope-up with what your business needs and what technology has to offer, let us begin with the concept of defining a marketing plan.

Step #1: Identify the Soul of your Business

Identify the Soul of your Business

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In order to understand the soul of the business, you will need to understand the 3 stages of marketing.

The first stage is about goals. Usually, they are defined above the actual achievement level. It isn’t based on capabilities, in fact, they are the incarnation of the entrepreneur’s wishes.

So, let us say your goal is to drive 500 customers/day through the marketing plan. Achievement or failure depends on the marketing strategy.

The second stage of strategy defines how those customers shall be driven. And finally, the tactics put all the above requirements into action.

What do you want to achieve? How and where do you want it? All these components speak for the objective of your business.

Step #2: Build an understanding of your products or services

There are tons of business organisations in the market. It might be impossible for every organisation to come up with new product and service.

Thus, existing products and services keep proliferating in the market. So your job is to understand the products at length.

This analysis can tell you why and when the customer shall buy your product. And we all know customer reaction is what the business units live for.

Step #3: Build a bridge for the Target Audience

Build a bridge for the Target Audience

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The target market is a wide concept, whereas the target audience is a part of it. A group of audience differs in adapting to a particular product.

If you are selling to be a fast food company, the older group of people might fit less under your niche. But if it’s for the younger generation, you have selected the right base.

Similarly, the geographic location is also a key player in determining the target audience.

Continuing the example of fast food, if the same company was located somewhere in the US or UK, even the old age group would form part of your target audience. Why? Because of the lifestyle and culture.

The opinion about older groups not perceiving fast food would be relevant in Asian countries like India.

So, consider which aspects your target audience would like and love the most. And build a bridge to move on the path.

Step #4: Carrier to cross the Bridge

When we planned on building the bridge, the ideas was to target the needs and desires of customers.

The bridge clearly was made of everything that a company does to be dealt with in a way customer likes.

But how do we make them cross through? With the help of the carrier. They are nothing but the marketing channels used by the audience in their daily life.

There are tons of marketing medium in the market. To begin with, Facebook marketing which technically forms a part of social media marketing.

Branding and promoting the product through E-mail marketing by sending emails to existing customers.

SEO is the oldest but one of the most effective ways of marketing strategies. By optimizing the keywords, backlink creation and more it is able enough to increase the rank of your website.

Not only you need to figure out how you can reach your audience but also allow different ways for the customer to reach you. Establish a website or application where the audience can make a call for purchasing your product or service.

Step #5: Rate the Marketing plan

Every business unit was once a newbie in the field of marketing. So it’s quite normal if your marketing strategies fail to reach the optimum results.

In fact, even a multinational company can have few drawbacks in the plan. Need not to worry, you have not lost lives in a war.

Plan a detailed audit for your marketing plan where you can check the metrics of your website. The number of conversions, traffic, and leads will let you know if you have achieved the desired or not.

A SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, and Porter’s Five forces are some of the ways helping you rate your marketing plan.

Simple yet Essential steps to Marketing

Marketing is like a black hole, no one can determine where it ends. Somehow, the above 5 steps are designed in a manner that businesses are able to define their marketing strategy.

The tactics are different for each industry. So when I adopt a marketing channel for one it may or may not be fruitful for another.

Thus, in the end, just keep your strategies in line with the above steps. In fthe uture, even with some minor ups and downs, your business is bound to flourish.

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The existence of a business is defined by the presence of its audience. The products or service you are selling is ultimately designed for them. Whether the objective is to brand as B2C or B2B, target audience needs to be pushed towards your business, one or the other way. Let’s not...