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Whilst most business aims to make their customers and clients happy, it is not enough to make your business profitable. You won’t be able to make your customers happy if you have unproductive and grumpy employees.

Your employees are your business front runners. They are the first people that your customers see and interact with. So if customers find your employees are unproductive, unreachable and oozing with negative vibe, they are likely to move away from your business. And that is a lost sale on your part.

Take for example this. You have an automobile shop and your employees are acting lazy, tired, and unmotivated. A customer comes in and look for an agent to assist him. He finds your employee. The customer asks questions, but your employee is not that eager to entertain questions and assist the buyer. Instead of assisting, your employee ended up giving the customer a brochure and a sales kit to figure out everything. With lack of enthusiasm and poor customer service from your employee, the customer decided to leave and check out other automobile stores that would provide him better customer experience. He then shares his experience with his friends and boom, another lost profit.

You may find this exaggerating. But these kinds of scenarios happen. And they continue to happen without the manager or the owner knowing. They will only find out if they are no longer getting sales and if the business is already in the brink of downfall.

Many managers, leaders and owners, often forget how to make their employees happy. They are often focus in making their business profitable that they tend to forget their most important asset.

Employees play an important and critical role in the success of the business. Without them, no one will move and operate your business. Without them, no one will talk, interact, and assist your customer. Without them, your business will suffer.

In fact, according to a study, employees who are happy at work tend to be 20% more productive than those who are not. Furthermore, the effect of employee happiness tend to impact the sales industry. If a sales agent is happy in his/her work, the sales of the company is likely to increase by 37%.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more benefits to having happy and motivated employees.

That is why it is important that all managers, leaders, and business owners take time to motivate and encourage their employees to perform better. Because with their performance lie the success of the business.

Here are other benefits of having a happy and motivated employee that can benefit your business for a long haul.

1. Increased in employee engagement

Happy employees tend to be more engaged with the business. They can also be more creative and they tend to be more initiative. They also become good problem solvers. They also collaborate easily with the rest of your team.

In a study made by Warwick University, they found out that happy employees are 12% more productive compared to unhappy ones whose productivity levels tend to go down to about 10%.

2. Increased in employee retention

If your employee is happy at work, they are more likely to be loyal too to your business. Which means, they would love to stay with you for a long time. They won’t think about leaving as they are satisfied with their experience with your company.

When employees resign, it costs the company a lot. It pays for the recruitment and training of the new team member. There is also a great deal of adjustment on their part as well as on your business. But if your employees are happy, you get to retain them and not think about the additional cost of a new employee.

3. Increased in happy customers

As mentioned on our example in the start of this article, if your employees are oozing with negative vibes, your customers will likely to avoid them or will hesitate to talk to them. But if your employees are happy and satisfied with their work, they are more likely to spread this happiness to your customers.

If you have happy employees, you will also have happier customers. Happy and motivated employees know how to provide excellent customer service. And more often, this kind of customer service is what makes an unforgettable customer experience. And a good customer experience is good for your cash flow.

4. Increased in profit

A happy employee tends to make lesser mistakes. They are also able to deliver output on time. This means more profit for your company. They are also loyal, thus they don’t have the tendency to leak information or steal company property.

Ways to make your employees happy without spending money

If you are convinced that a happy and motivated employee is an asset to the company, here are some ways that you can do to encourage them further. Don’t worry, these strategies are not about money or giving away monetary gifts and rewards. So you don’t need to spend extra just to make your employees happy.

1. Learn to appreciate

Don’t forget to always show your appreciation to your employees. If they did a good job or accomplished a task on time, show your appreciation by saying a simple “thank you”, or “good job”.

Compliments from leaders provide encouragement and motivation to employees. Employees love hearing simple compliments for their work. A thank you won’t cost you a thing, so make sure to always say it whenever possible.

2. Let them be accountable

Let your employees take ownership with what they need to do. Give them the freedom on how to get things done. You will be surprised on how creative they will be in accomplishing the job. Moreover, this will benefit your department or your whole company as you won’t need to keep an eye on them every now and then. It will help you make more money with their productivity, plus you can focus more on the more important parts of your business.

Accountability comes with being clear with what they need to do. Make sure that they understand the goals you set with them. Make sure also that these goals are clear and attainable. Once they are clear with what they need to do, they will be able to handle their workloads properly and deliver projects on time.

3. Learn to listen

If you keep shutting down employee feedback and inputs, they will likely to not share their ideas anymore in the long run. So during meetings, learn to listen to what they need to say and take their inputs into consideration. If your employees see that you are taking their feedback, they will be more engaged during meetings and they will feel a part of the bigger picture. They will also increase their respect and loyalty to you as a leader.

4. Consider flexible schedule

Employees also have their own life outside work. So don’t punish them with extra responsibilities by asking them to work super early or staying super late. They will get burn out and stressed with this kind of schedule. And this is not good for their physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you want to make your employees happy and healthy, learn to offer a flexible schedule. A flexible schedule is also a good work-life balance strategy that you can start with your company. You will be surprised how this can improve their productivity.

5. Help them develop their skills

Another way to keep employees motivated at work is by helping them develop their skills. Offer some training and seminar that they might be interested to take. Show to them your effort in helping them grow professionally. Nothing feels good than being able to progress on your skills and learn new things. Make them feel that you are their partner in their career growth.

6. Be transparent and honest with them

No matter how bad the situation is, your employees deserve to know what is happening with the company. So make sure to share with them the situation of the company. Make them part of the company’s growth and success. Make them also aware if there is some issue with the company and the solutions that you will be undertaking. Transparency and honesty in a company can go a long way. Who knows, your employees may be able to help you figure out the problems in your company or share some strategies that will further increase its profit.

7. Set a good example

If you want to motivate your employee to work hard, you need to show it to them first. If they see that their leader is working hard, chances are they will be inspired to do the same. If you want them to go to work early, go to work early first. Be a reflection of what you want your employees to be.

These are just some of the things that you can do without spending any money in motivating your employees. Open communication and appreciation with their work are just some of the essential things that you can do to increase employee engagement.

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Whilst most business aims to make their customers and clients happy, it is not enough to make your business profitable. You won’t be able to make your customers happy if you have unproductive and grumpy employees. Your employees are your business front runners. They are the first people that your...