How to securely manage your valuable

Whatever your company is dealing with.. the main approach lies in securing the client’s information.

It is an important asset to your company.  And, the other one is managing the customer’s data.

As per the report by Economist, data the most valuable resource.   It requires proper management and security. If you are not following the critical approaches to do so, then you are in a big loss.

We have seen the issue of Uber back in 2016.   It has encountered a data loss. The attackers have breached the data of almost 57 million users with 600,00 driver’s license as well.  It takes $148 million to settle the issue and Uber has solved it alone.  Undoubtedly,  this has caused severe damage to their name.

This is just the one issue we have considered. Several other companies, Like, Equifax, Yahoo, eBay,  UnderArmour has experienced data loss as well.

Obviously, they were using the data protection methods but, their effect has made them lose the most important resource.  There is only one thing that has let this happen – inadequate data management.

Financial planners, accountants and lawyers, whosoever are dealing with the customer data should take care of the data security.

You can anytime come under the effect of the cybersecurity threats as you are managing the worthy information of your company. So, what necessity is to use healthy practices to assure the security of personal information.

Managing customer data is the manner of incorporating, storing and maintaining the database for improving the trust. Effective using the approach can enhance your sales, customer retention rate, sound customer relations, and more efficient marketing, etc.

Leading ways to manage your customer information

Secure your networks and devices

Leading ways to manage your customer information

Data encryption is not only for techies, but modern Tools allow anyone to encrypt E-Mails, and other information. Encryption is the only job of mathematicians and geeks, but much has improved lately. Especially, several tools are available that not only encrypted e-Mails and files, but also decrypted them.

For instance; GPG for Mail is an open-Source Plug-in for the Apple Mail application that can simply encrypt, decrypt, sign, and check emails with the OpenPGP Standard. The System comes with FileVault, a program that encrypts a computer’s hard drive.

For users of Microsoft Windows, there is a similar program. The Software encrypts your data but does not secure you from authorities who require your encryption key in accordance with the provisions of the Investigatory Powers Act (2000). That is why the aficionados suggest TrueCrypt. It is a program with quite impressive abilities.

Layer your Network Security

Nothing is above protection. Network security should be multi-layered and protective, incorporating antivirus software, Firewalls, Internet Security, Intrusion Prevention, email security, etc. You cannot ignore physical security. The security cameras can still be included in the data protection policy.

Assure that all Laptops, computers, or personal devices with encrypted files and secure passwords are protected from any breach (personal or company). Secure the security of WiFi passwords.

The growing pervasiveness of BYOD implies that companies should go a step further, in order to protect devices and data. It can be accessed via the Cloud, as well as other device management protocols. Once a device is listed as missing or stolen, make the remote purging to remove all confidential data from the easy accessible phone or device.

Use Cloud-based CRM software

The days are gone where a spreadsheet was the most reliable method to save data. Companies that practice data sincerely, save their customers data in a secure database, that is in the CRM Tool (Customer Relationship Management). This tool is intended to give the company the acquisition of valuable assets in a secure and accessible way.

You can also proffer segmented customer information as per the type of data to know the possibilities for improvement. Consider Appointeze, a company that provides scheduling services. The company has effectively managed customer information, resulting in fewer data breaches with Clients scheduling software.  The collected fundamental pipeline data and information provides a great possibility for the Appointeze sales process to improve.

CRM also gives several advantages, including:

  • Integrated data in one place
  • Easy tracking of customer interactions
  • Centralized outline of all customers

With Online Appointment Scheduling, the data entry fields can be customized appropriately for the exact snapshot of the data that you require the most. This software takes competent data ownership. Data organization, Manage Appointments, Calendar Integrations, tasks automation, company scaling and more insights via analytics are some of the other benefits it offers.

Prioritize backing up the data

As of now, it is clear that the data can be lost anytime. More than 58%of the Small business is not prepared for data security. It will be more starling knowing that almost 60% of the small businesses have lost their important data merely in six months. Backing up your data can do wonders for you.

It is mandatory that you should keep the backup of the data so that there is no issue of any data breach. If you look carefully for a secure fail-safe, you can protect your customers and your business. Find out below some of the considerations while backing up your data:

  • The budget of your data backup
  • Type of backup plan
  • How you are storing your backups?
  • What about the recovery plan?

Don’t forget that the best backup plan can make your data secure and your business a competent partner. Similarly, it is also important to test the backup system to assure about the working of everything.

Don’t forget access

After having an in-depth analysis of how to collect and protect the data, the next thing is to discover the significant ways to get intel accessible whenever required. Here, your CRM software comes into play. It makes a significant effect on your business operations.

Following this, you can secure your data anywhere and anytime. CRM is the software that lets you hold your data wheresoever you go. Additionally, It does not let any data crisis to occur. This helps you to improve your customer’s trust and experience.

Data provides customer insights that enable you to examine the customer segments. Personalized recommendations can be created on the basis of this information.

Use verified encryption always 

To reframing the important information from the readable form to the encoded version, encryption is used. It needs a key for the decryption process.

Practising this method, you can block any illegal access and save customer information.

Probably, you are sending the encrypted emails when it is about the customer data. Some might have suggested that you just send sensible information by email as a last option.

You should know that it is now the standard practice. Assure that you are using the password-protected documents and keeping the passwords distinctly.   When it is about the cloud service, use the one that encrypts the data at transit and at rest.

Storing the data with the third-party provider is a security risk. Use only the best when it is about the customer’s data security.

Authorize your customer data

The customer’s data gets antiquated quickly. It is estimated that more than 25% of the B2B business data is not accurate. That obviously is affecting customer confidence and cost. It is important to clean the data after backing it up.

It simply means that- you need to update and validate the information, like phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses. Exclude the duplicates contacts that are wasting your resources. This process will improve the state of your updated data. Numerous things are there that you need to check while cleansing:

  • Conduct a data audit: It includes the type of information you currently hold.
  • Prevent silos: Integrate the customer data in several departments.
  • Assure that your data is uniform.

Many automated data validation tools are there that can be linked with your cloud-based software. These tools guarantee that the data you are keeping is updated. This process of data cleansing assures that the data is certain, high quality to interpret the customers effectively.

Concluding Remarks

If you think securing the data once does not make it accessible to the attackers, then you are on the wrong track. It is not a one-time thing.   Securing data is the regular process.

We have mentioned the tips to secure and manage the data adequately.  Though,  the attacks may occur.  It will be best if you get evolved wholly.  Examine the threats regularly and perform the assessments.

The way you are managing the data shows the customers’ segments.  Creating personal recommendations is also possible as per the information.

Secure and maintain customer data strategically and add notable value to your company and customers.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there is anything we have missed then let us know in the comment section below.

Queries and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading!!

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Whatever your company is dealing with.. the main approach lies in securing the client's information. It is an important asset to your company.  And, the other one is managing the customer's data. As per the report by Economist, data the most valuable resource.   It requires proper management and security. If you...