Google Ranking Factors in 2019

Let’s say that you have built a website after spending hundreds of dollars and many many hours but paid no heed to the SEO. it is just like having a retail store in a remote area that no one knows exists;your website and data in it is useless. Search Engine Optimization is the only possible solution to bring traffic on your website A great SEO strategy will engage people with your brand and bring them to your website.

Choosing Google over Other Search Engines

Choosing Google over Other Search Engines

Currently, 15 of the world’s 50 most visited websites are Search Engines owned by Google. If you did not plan to attract visitors to your website from it, then you’re missing a massive opportunity.

Here Are The 35 Most Important Google Ranking Factors for Your Website:

1.  Keywords in Content

The search engines look for naturally repeated words, phrases and words related to them.    These keywords tell the search engines that what topic the content is about. Makemaximum use of keywords in your content. It will boost the audience and your ranking

2. Keywords in URL

Keywords in URL

A well-managed URL will provide easy understanding for both humans and search engines, for example, using URL that includes keywords can improve your site’s ranking.

3. Keywords Density

Keywords Density

Although Keywords are the most important factor in ranking but using the same keywords excessively can hurt your reputation in ranking. So it is always a better option to see your keywords density using an online tool

Currently, the estimated keyword density is about 3%

4. URL Extension/ Domain Name

Almost 75% of world’s website are using .com extension. This is more valuable than .org and .net extensions. It is highly recommended to buy a .com extension for better ranking

5. Domain Length

It is recommended to keep the domain length short. the average length of the top 50 most popular websites has 6 characters in their domain name. Use technical words in your website URL that describes your website

6. Sub Domain

Sub Domain is basically (, So, instead of using, you can use The use of subdomain can be beneficial if your website comprises of different & distinct topics

7. Length of Content

The length of your content will make a significant contribution to your ranking, the more content you put on your page, the better you’ll rank. But also keep an eye on the quality of the content, putting fake or invalid content can hurt your website and ranking both. Because Google does not allow invalid content and they can remove your website as a penalty

8. Table of Content

Table of Content

Adding a table of content is another way of showing search engines and users, that how simple it is to navigate your page. Reducing the scrolling and the number of clicks will improve the User experience, in turn, increasing the CTR and improving the Google ranking.It’s recommended to use content buttons with internal page links as well because they willplay an important role in your ranking

9. Meta Description

Meta Description

Meta Description is an HTML tag, which helps to define your product or service so that people get more engaged to it

Code Example:

<meta name=”description” content=”This is an example of a meta description. This will be shown in result”>

It will also impact on page’s CTR (click through rate)which can impact the page’s ability to rank. Because Google prefers those websites, which have a clean use of meta tags.

10. CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR is the count of people who click on your URL. When many people click on your website, search engines automatically boost your rank because of the different click-through rates of each position in search results. The more percent of CTR you own, the more you’ll rank will increase. Because Google Algorithms are designed to cater to the audience, a higher audience on your website means that you are giving the people what they need

11. Back Links

Backlinks are also called “inbound links”. These links arecreated when one website hosts alink to another. Backlinks are the most valuable thing for SEO because when one website shares your link, the traffic of that website can trickle on to your by clicking on the said link creating a small proverbial hole in your water tank of traffic to benefit a fellow website owner. 

12. Back Links Quality

The best approach is to take backlinks from trustworthy and high authority websites. If you take backlinks from some kind of fraud website your site will be penalized.

“The number of backlinks does not matter but the quality”

13. Internal Link

Internal Link

Basically, these links go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain.

If your website consists of multiple pages then you must create a good internal linking structure. It will boost your ranking because search engines crawl through content in order to list pages amongtheir keyword indexes.

“Use Anchor tags for internal linking”

“Use Anchor tags for internal linking”

14. Use of Images

Images and visual aids are vital for the better understanding of your content. They create a break in the tirade of words and communicate the message more effectively than just plain content. The attraction and ease of access to information that you’ll create through images will reduce the bounce rate of your pages making the users stay longer. Improving your Google rankings as a result.

15. Videos


Since the last few years, video marketing has become the most important part of a business. Through videos, you can gain rank from organic search, for example:

Video seo

Steps you need to follow while posting a video:

  • Choose the right video
  • Insert a video transcript
  • Make sure your thumbnail is engaging
  • Pay attention to the title while posting a video
  • Incorporate Keywords in the title and meta descriptions.
  • Use Hashtags

16. Listing

Listing always has a better chance of being read. They are the best place of putting external or internal links. Because they’re easy to scan.

18. Loading Speed

40% of users do not wait for the site to load beyond 3 seconds thus, Google and other search engines use page loading speed as a ranking factor. So always keep an eye on your website’s loading speed by using online tools, for example:

Loading Speed

19. Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of web traffic is from mobile users. It is extremely important to make your website compatible with mobile and display all the content clearly. In fact, recently Google has updated their algorithms in which they’ve clearly mentioned that websites which are built mobile-friendly first will be given more preference over other websites. There are different methods like (bootstrap and CSS Media Queries) to make your website responsive for both web and mobile

20. Mobile loading speed

The page load speed of web and mobile can be different. Always test your page load speed for mobile user as we mentioned above, that mobile user’s traffic is more than 50%

Mobile loading speed

If your page load speed is higher then you should decrease it by using image compressors and by deleting useless code.

21. Bounce Rate

A website’s bounce rate is basically the time that a visitor has spent on your web page. If you have informative data for the visitor on your web page then surely your bounce rate will decrease, and it will play a majorfactor in Google ranking

22. Website Layout/Design

If your website design or layout is not attractive, and the information you put there is not comfortable for users to read, then surely your bounce rate will increase and it can affect your ranking badly

23. Multimedia

Using different types of animations on your web page will increase user interest and can cause more traffic. It can be images, videos and any other type of eye-catching animation

24. Contact Us Page

Google algorithm prefers sites having an appropriate amount of contact information. The more information you put the more it increases the trust of search engines and people.

25. Use HTTPS

Google has confirmed that the use of HTTPS is a ranking signal

By following this method you can shift your website from HTTP to HTTPS

26. Keep Web Simple

A website which is difficult to use can hurt ranking by having reduced CTR and increased bounce rate. Always try to show the content clearly and easily. For this, you need the best website design that allows the user to easily find the information on your website

27. Number of Comments

Pages with lots of comments is a signal of peoples’ interest. Try to end your post by asking a question to visitors so that they may comment

28. Terms of Service and Privacy Page

These two pages help the search engines to understand that the site is trustworthy. A more trustworthy always ranks higher in the search engines.

29. HTML Errors

Lots of HTML errors is a clear sign of a poor quality website. Google never wants a poor site to be ranked on No.1 because it will harm their reputation. Keep your code clean and error-free

30. Reading Level

Reading level can be google ranking factor especially if you are the owner of a blog because Google itself calculates the reading level and also give you reading level stats for your website.

Reading Level

31. Sub Headings

Subheadings can be in (H2 or H3) tag. It will break up your content and make it easy for the visitor to read while improving the page’s navigation. Again the more comfort you provide foryour reader the more traffic you get

32. Keywords in Sub Headings

Keywords with sub-headings have greater chances to be read. Putting your keywords in subheadings is a great method to make your content effective. These sub-headings with keywordswill effectively highlight the important information of your website giving the people what they need in a single glance.

33. Unique Content

If you put irrelevant and invalid content, then it’s not going to rank on google. If you copied the content from some other page then google has authority to reject your whole web/page

Use the online tools to check the uniqueness of your content, for example, PLAGIARISM CHECKER


34. IP Address

If your server’s IP address is flagged for spam because of any reason, it may affect all sites on that server. Yes, there are many other illegal tricks that may help you to boost your website for a specific interval of time but in the end, its all end up as a big disappointment. When your IP Address is caught in some illegal activities then the websites you’re running on it has to deal with real problem.

35. Geo-Targeting

Google algorithms give preference to the sites that have a local IP and country specific domain name extensions.

These are the most dominant factors in Google ranking 2019. We hope it helps you and if you’re having any questions regarding this, feel free to comment

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Let’s say that you have built a website after spending hundreds of dollars and many many hours but paid no heed to the SEO. it is just like having a retail store in a remote area that no one knows exists;your website and data in it is useless. Search...