Top 10 freelance WordPress designers you should hire in 2019

Every business requires a website these days and deciding what your website should look like, and the functionalities it has to offer can be a daunting task. This is one of the reasons why companies use WordPress for website design.

WordPress has become one of the prominent website developing tool powering websites in present times. It comprises of simple design procedures and great features and is a complete content management system suitable for designers, developers, and businesses alike. In fact, it is the top Content Management System in the world rating 30% of all the websites present on the internet, and the number of WordPress users depict the brilliance of the website designing tool which can help business websites to engage with the target audience.

However, WordPress is not the only factor leading a website to its success. The WordPress theme, the design, user-experience, its function, and many more aspects can make a difference in making a website successful. Suppose if a website takes a lot of time to load or does not function as predicted, it is not likely to get more traffic or a high conversion rate despite being designed with WordPress.

The key to success for a great website is its efficient functionality that helps to attain the goals and becomes a business’s brand identity. Seamless functionality and theme of the website must be attractive to the visitors. As said above, the website designing tool cannot result in a great website; you need to hire a WordPress designer who knows about the technicalities of designing a successful website. Here is a list of top 10 freelancing WordPress designers for you to hire in 2019. You can choose to work with any of the following to gain a professional website for your website.


OMGuys is one of the digital agencies focused on website designing, development, and training. Having years of experience, they are helping small and medium-sized companies with affordable services using WordPress and open source technologies. They hold expertise in logo design, WordPress, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, web development, WordPress theme design, web page design, landing page design, Magento, Shopify, and more. They are efficient in providing the clients with original and creative design solutions to the clients and are able to fulfill the market demands for their customers.


A creative freelance Digital Art Director, highly experienced in UX/UI designing, specialized in web and mobile design. The designs are creative and thoughtful, user-centered, and visually appealing that has the potential to help mid-sized to renowned businesses stand out in the international market. You can connect with the designers at their official website to get a quote for design.


Needing to team up with a highly experienced team of completive designers delivering excellence? Pinku can provide you with excellent web design layouts with engaging themes and are capable of meeting accessibility standards. They offer services including web page design, WordPress theme design, Custom WordPress themes, Logo design, infographics, and more.

Creative shell

Whether you require a uniquely attractive and user-friendly website or brochures, flyers, or other advertising products, the creative shell can provide you with creative solutions enabling you to communicate your message, in line with your branding and budget. They are proficient in providing the clients with a website to increase their online presence. They have the experience to work on HTML5, CSS3, and PHP. You can visit Creative shell official website to know more about their services and get a quote for their services.

Canvas creation

One of the renowned web designing experts, designing international quality websites in Photoshop software. They are proficient in developing websites on platforms like HTML,, virtuemart, Joomla, and WordPress, along with mobile development on Apple and Android. They are proficient in providing services, including app design, WordPress theme design, Web page design, and other advertising products for the clients. You can view their services and invite them to work with you by visiting their website and get a quote.

Smashing Boys

A worthy addition to this list, Smashing Boys, are creative web design and development agency having experts in website design, HTL5, CSS3, custom WordPress theme design, and coding, and custom web development. They are reliable and experienced designers who can go the extra mile to meet your needs. They plan a draft, implement the plan, and handle designing for your business website that advertises your company in the best way possible to attract the attention of the audience.  They create unique and high-quality designs according to the mindset of your target market, enabling you to meet your target in the minimum time. So if you choose to work with them, you can simply visit their website and get to know more about their services.

Mike Barnes

One of the senior level web designer with years of experience in the industry. He has worked for renowned brands around the world. His experience has provided him with valuable ideas and understandings, and have the expertise of working and designing that he can complete the designing projects without the help of a professional designing agency’s help. He provides quality services at reasonable prices so the clients can have an excellent website at a cost-effective price.

Iconic graphics

Iconic graphics is an agency having experienced and skilled designers and developers providing a set of unmatched services. They are proficient in the areas including, website design, illustrations, HTML, CSS, WordPress, square Space, Jimdo, graphic design, and print design. They are efficient in providing the clients with robust and creative websites, making your idea turn into a reality.


Webwooter is a web/ graphic designing agency having a team of experienced, skilled, and talented designers and developers. They are proficient in developing applications for clients—in both open source and close—to meet the needs of the clients. They are experts in HTML5, custom e-commerce, custom WordPress development, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and more. To get detailed information about their services, you can visit their official website and get a quote for their services.


Prism online is one of the top-rated WordPress profiles in the list. The company offers services of Web designing, Responsive Web designing, Logo designing, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Illustrations, and more. They acquire a business-driven approach which sets them apart from typical web designing companies. They work with their clients to design aesthetically pleasing web designs conveying the right message to their audience. You can get a quote or search more for their services from their official website.

Take away

These are some of the top freelance WordPress designers that you can hire to design a great WordPress theme for your website. To get more insight into the freelancers mentioned above, you can visit their website and check out their reviews before contacting them for their assistance in developing a website. Most importantly, check their portfolios to know their skills and check out their pricing details to choose the best freelancer designer for your work.

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Every business requires a website these days and deciding what your website should look like, and the functionalities it has to offer can be a daunting task. This is one of the reasons why companies use WordPress for website design. WordPress has become one of the prominent website developing tool...