Top 4 Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2019

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From where you are standing, what does the future of humanity look like? A breathtaking utopia, enabled by the transformative technologies developed over the course of time. The most prevalent of them being the AI-powered cogs of today but stars of tomorrow.

What is this artificial intelligence or AI, anyway? It is an umbrella term, which incorporates all those machines that are equipped with a digital semblance of human-like intelligence. In simple words, it is a smart computer that can act and react like human beings.

You see such mechanisms in your homes and workplaces, not to a great extent, but somewhat substantially. That smart vacuum cleaner? Those facial-recognition outdoor cameras? The chatbots on a popular site with which you interact over your Coxhigh-speed internet? All these are examples of AI that has been successfully incorporated intoeveryday life.

However, this AI incorporation is far from over. Yes, 2018 may have seen some of the most interesting developments in machine learning and deep learning, but the year 2019 is far more revolutionary. This brings me to the topic at hand. What AI trends can you expect to see in this year? Let’s find out below.

1. Increased AI Transparency

No matter how hard we try to stay optimistic about this groundbreaking technology, certain ethical issues do lurk in plain sight. They give rise to hesitation and skepticism when it comes to incorporating AI-based solutions. Overall, people still find it hard to trust machines, especially the smart ones which claim to make decisions on their part.

However, 2019 is expected to put an increased emphasis on highlighting the “transparency” of such AI’s actual working: how it does what it does. IBM has recently released an intricate technology, which traces the functioning of its AI ‘OpenScale’ and gives valuable insights regarding the whole machine-learning process. With this, we can hope to understand AI thoroughly and perhaps, embrace it better.

2. Specialized AI-Enabled Chips

Apps are an integral part of our smartphone usage. The ease and convenience which they provide are hardly matched. But what’s next in this domain?

How about certain top-of-the-class AI-based apps, ranging from the domains of healthcare to automobiles? Sounds cool, right?

Technically speaking, for your mobile’s processor to support this advanced technology, additional hardware in the form of a special chip would be needed. This external chip would speed up the rendering of tasks like facial recognition, item detection, and other high-performance computing. Companies like Intel and Qualcomm are rumored to work on such specialized chips, which can supercharge the innovative AI-enabled applications on your smartphone and other mobile devices. So, fingers crossed.

3. Commercial AI Inclusion

I believe the field in which AI shone the most in the previous year, is commerce. Yes, 2018 saw a substantial majority of organizations considering the pros and cons of incorporating this advanced technology into their setups.

After spending the present year making proper AI initiatives, these companies have finally become ready to launch their plans on a global scale in 2019. And these game-changing ideas are expected to alter the face of business for the better.

This AI inclusion is hoped to bring smart, predictive technology to the forefront, which can highlight the selling points of a firm, generate new revenue streams, track its financial transactions plus customer activity and increase its cybersecurity measures etc. In addition, we will even see AI making its way into support departments like HR—making the whole hiring/firing decision process automated and much more informed, with the new assistant tech.

4. Advanced Machine Learning

Machine learning is the study of statistical models and algorithms that enable computers to learn certain tasks and make progress in that particular area so that it can enhance its performance. Machine learning is a concrete part of AI and it is gaining more traction every day. Companies that are selling machine learning platforms include Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Fractal Analytics.

Machine learning is exceptional at collecting and analyzing complex data and it is capable of making predictions by recognizing patterns beforehand. This ability gives the industry a competitive edge because companies can act instantly and make all the necessary changes that are required to meet the upcoming trends.

This year, machine learning will advance to another level and computers will be able to make automated decisions. This feature will enable humans to become more efficient at their work because with automated decisions, management will save time and the productivity of the firm will remain intact, making it as profitable as possible.

Apart from these four trends, there are numerous applications that are being developed with built-in AI technology so that users can experience something new and extraordinary. By the mid of this year, you will see thousands of smartphone applications that support voice as well as face recognition. These features facilitate the users by enhancing the security of their devices so that they can prevent unauthorized access to their data.

Advanced Machine Learning



Machines are now capable of introducing new rules and regulations to the AI systems. This enables you to use them for training and maintaining the performance level so that manpowercan be utilized in the areas that require constant human attention. Until last year, companies have not taken the latest emerging technologies that seriously. However, this attitude is changing and firms are becoming more technology oriented.

Businesses have already implemented AI building block technologies like text analytics, machine learning,and robot automation so that they can drive greater value for their customers as well as digital workers who are not physically present in the company and are working remotely.

Organizations are making an effort to design new trends with AI technology so that they can deliver a better experience to their customers. Finding technical data and new market trends is not that difficult with AI because people trust this technology and will continue to seek new tools and approaches.

So, with the aforementioned trends in the pipeline, AI’s future is looking quite bright. Won’t you agree?

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Image: Self-made From where you are standing, what does the future of humanity look like? A breathtaking utopia, enabled by the transformative technologies developed over the course of time. The most prevalent of them being the AI-powered cogs of today but stars of tomorrow. What is this artificial intelligence or AI,...