Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

“What is the topmost framework for mobile app development?”

Familiar with this question?

Yes, same here.

This is a very common question that developers keep on asking. And this is the very same point that we are about to discuss in this very article.

There are numerous frameworks which are much useful in developing mobile apps. But people are striving for the best and that’s why the search for the best mobile app development framework is still on.

And why not?

Several complexities arrive while developing a mobile app. Suppose if a developer is trying to convert an iOS app into an Android app, in such cases all frameworks don’t work successfully. So, striving for the best framework is pretty legit, I suppose.

So, without wasting time any further let’s dig deeper into the details.

Best Mobile App Development Frameworks

1. Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is a cross-platform framework that can make visible changes instantly.

Developers who work in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS tend to depend mainly on this framework. And the reason is pretty obvious.

Developers who are mainly into building hybrid apps prefer this framework for fulfilling most of their development-related purposes.

Adobe PhoneGap

This framework by Adobe focuses mainly on the quality of development and delivers high-quality performance without any limitations created by the hardware.

This mind-blowing framework doesn’t only thrive developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms but also for platforms like Windows, Blackberry, Ubuntu, Firefox and Mac OS as well.

And it hasn’t ended here. Developers can also use plugins with it to boost up its efficiency and functionality.

2. Ionic

Do you know what the best thing about Iconic is? It comes for free.

Hence it is much popular among app developers.

Iconic is called one of the best frameworks in the market and there are reasons. Iconic is a front-end framework and help in building native apps using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript etc.


Not just this, but using Iconic you can also access their online marketplace where you can get your hands on the templates and past projects by other developers can be downloaded.

Iconic can also be paired with Angular, which is basically an SDK.

3. Xamarin

Microsoft’s Xamarin is number 3 on this list. The company is located in San Francisco.

Xamarin tools can help app developers in developing mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows using C# codebase.


The codes created through Xamarin can be shared across several other platforms as well.

This framework is considered to be one of the best frameworks as it helps developers in building applications a lot faster and efficiently. Coding with this framework cuts down a lot of the development phase duration.

4. Intel XDK

This is another cross-platform framework on my list.

Intel XDK helps in building apps with several plugins, responsive apps and interactive apps for just any device out there.

This framework even allows users to test their program, emulate it and debug it as well.

Even Intel XDK, now, comes with software support for IoT and Node.Js as well.

Working with this framework you get to see the live preview of the changes that you have made in the ongoing development phase.

And not just that, you can even drag and drop to build your app. Though this method will also provide you with a huge heap of needless codes.

5. React Native

React Native stands as one of the best mobile app development frameworks. It is even giving tough competition to market rulers like Xamarin and Flutter.

In recent days, React Native is gaining much popularity among the developers and the reason is pretty clear. The UI of the applications developed using React Native consist of rich UI, hence they craze is quite obvious.

React Native is a versatile framework primarily developed by Facebook. But nowadays, it is getting used by biggies like AirBnB, Instagram, Tesla, Walmart and several other Fortune 500 businesses.

React Native

Applications developed using React Native often provide the same look and feel like another Android and iOS. And this is why people face tough times figuring out the differences between the apps build using React Native and those created using Objective-c.

6. Flutter

Google’s UI framework for mobiles is commonly known as Flutter.

Flutter arrived in this world of codes, unannounced but has become quite a known name among developers across most of the platforms.


Flutter is capable of delivering native experiences on both iOS and Android platforms and that too of high-quality.

It runs on the programming language named Dart.

This framework stands apart from others in its field as it uses 2D rendering engine to develop visuals. The rendering engine is known as Skia.

Visuals made by Flutter using Skia are crafted to look like Material Design and Cupertino type widgets. But, TBH, they are not.

This framework lets developers perform tests on it easily and they don’t even require restarting the project if miscalculations happen.

7. Corona SDK

This is the Usain Bolt of mobile app development frameworks.

Yes, that’s right. It provides a speed of development that is approximately 10 times faster than regular frameworks.

And there are reasons. Corona SDK runs on a very light-weighted programming language named Lua. And this programming language focuses primarily on speed, elasticity, and ease of practice.

This framework is a boon for those who wish to code faster without compromising on the quality of development.

Corona SDK comes for free and is capable of being used across all platforms that support Windows and Mac OS.


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“What is the topmost framework for mobile app development?” Familiar with this question? Yes, same here. This is a very common question that developers keep on asking. And this is the very same point that we are about to discuss in this very article. There are numerous frameworks which are much useful in...