Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important measure when promoting any site. However, search engine algorithms and ranking principles regularly change, which influences the business among a large number of customers. Due to this fact, the industry of search promotion is on the verge of using new mechanisms for optimizing resources.

Top SEO Trends that will Influence your Business

SEO entails creating a good website that is different from competitors and makes it easier for users to find the content they are looking for, especially when they find you in the search results. That’s why it is good to know which SEO trends are on the horizon so that you can update your content accordingly and make sure more potential customers find you in the search results.

The marketers are learning new techniques for ranking their site on top in 2020. Do you want to learn how using trends in SEO will help you beat competitors in 2020? So, let’s delve into top SEO trends that will influence your business in 2020:

  • Rich & Featured Snippets

In recent years, search engines have begun to provide users with more convenient search capabilities through featured snippets. These are also known as “position result 0”. It is a search result that contains a short answer to a search query. To take advantage of this innovation and attract more visitors to your website, try to give clear answers to frequently asked questions. Snippets are a great opportunity for content creators, as they help to generate more organic traffic.

The fact is that voice assistants usually use blocks with answers (if any) to respond to user requests and then quote the address of the website on which the information is published. Snippets are rated and improved depending on their quality. Do not take this trend lightly, as 54.68% of clicks from Google come from snippets, which proves that they cause more than half of the clicks in search engines.

  • Significance of AMP and Voice Queries

With the increasing use of mobile devices, voice search is becoming a popular trend among Internet users. This search is performed not only on phones but also on home voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod, etc.

With the advent of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), a new natural language processing technique, it can evaluate context and long conversational language queries. This shows how important the search engine attaches to voice search. Given that such appeals are mostly conversational and long, commercial projects may well have to adjust the content. You need to use simpler and more common turns, simplify complex lengthy explanations, and switch to the format of questions and answers.

Voice search greatly affects SEO because it is about asking questions using voice rather than entering search queries. Subsequently, requests became more conversational and focused.

However, when using voice search, the search engine has to do a lot more work to get the relevant information that the user is looking for at the moment, so short-term keywords are no longer important.

Knowing how to optimize your website for voice search can help you generate more organic traffic if you understand and integrate voice search into your SEO strategy.

On the other side, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is another progressive Google’s new technology for creating a better, more user-friendly web content for mobile devices. This technology is aimed at quick access to content via smart-phones and tablets. To implement the ideas, you need to resort to new versions of JavaScript, HTML.

  • Big Data

With the introduction of new algorithms, the scale of data analysis increases, so the search for new approaches to information processing becomes relevant.  Already, Google has developed and plans to introduce RankBrain, the new Big Data technology in the search engine. This technology as artificial intelligence is built on the principle of converting words into mathematical symbols that are easily recognized by the search engine. This allows you to find semantic keys on the pages even with an inaccurate request or unknown words for Google. In this case, machine learning is built on the basis of our own assumptions, the search for associative words and meanings, related phrases.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most important technologies. Search engines like Google use AI to improve user search results, especially in unique searches that occur every day. It also looks at synonyms, your niche relationships, location, understand entitles, and more to see if you meet the requirement. Make sure that your content responds to the users’ request. In addition, AI automatically classifies the web pages and determines their ranking with very good accuracy.

  • Content Optimization

Online advertising is still working for business but in the coming years, it will become even more expensive. This is why creating quality content has become very important in SEO. High-quality content is useful, timely and effective, as it helps users immediately get answers to their questions.

But what quality content means and what do you need to focus on while generating and approaching users?

However, remember that the goal of creating quality content is a user-oriented task. Content helps people respond to needs and provides more than enough information to be able to make decisions and take action. This content should be well studied and follow a logical structure that makes it clear and easy to read.

Informative and high-quality articles are the only type of content that will increase the popularity of the site in 2020 and subsequent years, as Internet consumers are smart and quickly detect and ignore ads. People want educational content in any form, such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

  • Local Promotion

In 2019, it is worth paying attention to local SEO. Search engine algorithms are being improved so that user requests are better understood and relevant results are generated. However, search in 2020 is focused on micro local results. Thanks to the analysis of GPS data of users. It will offer the addresses of the nearest companies, and it also shows route on request. It is worth to remember to track your local ranking performance. If you make the least change in location, it will influence the kind of results that the user will get. In order to keep an eye on your rankings for keywords, you should use a keyword research tool.

  • Video Content

This is one of the leading trends in promoting 2020. According to the analysis, users are more likely to trust the product when it is presented in a substantial video, rather than through text. Current Internet users prefer to receive information through online video, either for educational purposes or just for fun. That is why the introduction of online video should be on the radar for most enterprises. To attract more people to your video, you need to optimize it for search users. To do this, use the appropriate keywords in the description and title of your video to ensure that this video reaches the largest number of people interested in this topic. The video must be served as a concise and constructive content format. High-quality video can attract many users if it is dynamic and does not lull viewers. Therefore, search engines favour resources with videos.

  • Usability

Along with high-quality content, it is necessary to make sure that your web pages can load quickly and easy-to-understand interface. Users will leave your site if it does not load in a few seconds, which is a very important factor in SEO world. In fact, a page delay 2-3 seconds can result in huge losses for your business. Once you have improved the speed of your page, you should also make your website easy to use, making it simple and understandable, following the logical structure.

Responsive Website

A website that does not have a responsive design could lose most of its users in the coming years. Because mobile web pages are becoming a popular trend that will become even more popular in 2020.

However, the technologies and ways to search for people using their smart-phones, tablets, and mobile devices are becoming so advanced. But having a responsive website is not enough. Make sure that the interface should be easy to understand, attract the attention of people and then be able to answer their questions. Since more people are searching from their smart-phones than from a computer, it is important to have a mobile version for your site to reach as many people interested in your product as possible.

Your pages should be optimized for mobile devices if you want to keep up with your competitors. And keep in mind that the higher you are in the index of Google mobile pages and others, the more noticeable your page will be.


Today, SEO is very important for business regardless of the industry. Although this applies not only to the use of keywords, it also entails optimizing content for users.

In the end, the search engine processes information based on the behaviour of search users, and it becomes more accurate. It means that every year new trends appear that change the way information is published on the Internet. This ensures that all users can get answers to their questions within a few minutes or seconds. If you are already familiar with these trends, then this is a great time to redouble your efforts so that you can generate more targeted traffic.

Lauren MclarenDigital Marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important measure when promoting any site. However, search engine algorithms and ranking principles regularly change, which influences the business among a large number of customers. Due to this fact, the industry of search promotion is on the verge of using new mechanisms...