Use This Guide to Use the Digital Marketing Tools to Stay Within Your Budget

There are lots of tools and software that you can use to plan and get the best out of your digital marketing campaign. All these tools are not only useful and effective but will fit well within your budget as well. Few tools will not even cost you a cent but provide the same desired results.

You can choose anything from professionally produced and designed marketing videos to any type of influencer campaigns or any automation software and still not have to worry about your digital marketing budget. These tools will ensure that your marketing campaign is driving the desired growth and the entire process is easy.

Marketing strategy can be very costly and usually depends on which one you choose for your business but the following list of helpful free resources offered to digital marketers and small business owners will help effectively in crafting, launching, and managing far-reaching marketing campaigns and even help you to improve your existing marketing strategy.

The Google tools

Google is primarily the most popular search engine by all whether it is any individual looking for any information or a business owner looking to market the product or services. Being kind to users Google provides what they deserve with its own section of digital tools and resources.This cornucopia of free tools and resourcesare specifically designed to improve the search experience for the general users, bloggers, webmasters, influencers and most importantly the digital marketers.

  • Google Analytics: This is the best tool that you may be already using it as it is incorporated in the web design. It is the most popular and widely used tool that is used to track elegantly a lot of different metrics for the website providing enough data to explore. The metrics include website traffic and sources, real time visitors, bounce rate, keywords used, most popular pages, device usage, social media engagement as well as conversion tracking of the AdWords campaigns.
  • Google Keyword Planner: Google has also provided this tool to attractmore traffic to your website. This tool will also help you to devise strategic keyword campaigns for the blog posts and social media posts as well as the videos. Using this tool you will be able to plug in a keyword, get a created list of associated search terms, vital search volume statistics, average monthly searches and level of competition for each particular keyword.
  • Google Alerts: Using this resource you will be able to stay on top of industry news always and also know about the digital marketing trends and anything and everything that you need to keep track of. Apart from providing you with the ability to manage your marketing research in a better way, this tool will save you a lot of time in searching for information.
  • Google Trends: If you want to know the latest updates and what is being discussed in the industry right now, Google Trends will quickly connect you to the trending topics in relation to your specific search term. This is ideally the best tool that will help you to identify the prime keywords that you may use for a social or a blog post.

There are several other tools that Google provides to help you with your digital marketing campaign such as:

  • Google Drive
  • Trends
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Webmaster
  • Calendarand

All these are free but are very helpful to provide you with more sophisticated digital marketing strategy to follow and get better results.

Social media management

Social media is perhaps the most dominating platform in digital marketing having millions of users hooked on to it at any given point of time. If you want to make the best use of it you will need to manage social media activities in the best possible way.

Hootsuite is perhaps the best free resource that you can have and use irrespective of the fact that you are a startup or a small business owner. This is an individual plan that you can use for three social profiles simultaneously to expand your social media needs. You can even upgrade other plans as well as HootSuite offers a wide range of different options for businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprise-level organizations.

If you are a small business owner then the HootSuite free plan is ideal for you as:

  • It is a time-saving tool
  • It will make it easier to manage
  • It will optimize social presence of your brand
  • You can manage three social profiles for free with this single streamlined account
  • You can use the basic analytics to track the growth
  • You can identify the content audience is engaged with
  • You can have the ability to automate up to 30 posts in advance and
  • Generate lead capture contests.

This tool is the most favorite for the supporting educational social media courses and the community forum.

Few other useful tools

There are several other tools that you can sue for your digital marketing strategy improvements such as:

  • For content planning you can use Buzzsumo and Answer the Public. These tools will help you to boost up the relevancy of your content, motivate more engagement and generate more leads. It will ensure better content planning and use of proper keyword to garner more interest and strike a better cord with your audience.
  • For writing better headlines you can us Headline Analyzer offered by CoScheduleto create a better appeal to the users with those first ten to twelve words. The tool will help you to know the emotional impact, test for readability, power words, character as well as the word count.
  • For email marketing, use MailChimp if you have less than 2,000 subscribers. This free tool will automate email messaging, send timely messages, and also personalize your marketing campaigns with free reports.
  • To improve your online presence use Hubspot’s marketing grader as it will take a look at the website and determine the overall digital presence providing you with feedback on social media, analytics, blogging, lead nurturing, email, and mobile.

You can also use Evernote to streamline workflow, Grammarly to improve writing and Canva to create infographics and become a better marketer.

Sujain ThomasDigital Marketing
There are lots of tools and software that you can use to plan and get the best out of your digital marketing campaign. All these tools are not only useful and effective but will fit well within your budget as well. Few tools will not even cost you a...