Are you currently planning to make a good and strong impression with IG profile? You must be wondering how you can add personality and branding to Instagram bio. Here, you will come to learn more about the useful tips you can build and then optimize IG profile for business.  You are asked to keep your eyes and ears open for some changes, which can finally help your business to flourish even better.

Get to choose quality profile picture for reflecting your branding:

At first, the major rule for you to follow is that the IG profile picture must represent who you actually are. For any brand out there, choosing a proper brand logo is important, which can only be recognized instantly. The logo is always the easiest solution as it helps you to always stay visible consistent across all channels. You can get hold of such major information and some more straight from Gramista for some help.

  • In case you are an entrepreneur, influencer or even a blogger, you have to choose picture of yourself that can communicate who you actually are and what you end up doing.
  • An example might help you big time. You have Alex Strohi, who is an IG photography influencer and the profit picture definitely depicts him to be holding camera and taking clicks. The profile photo of Alex will convey that his account is going to be of photography.
  • Similarly, you have another example of KoriNikkonen, who is a Berlin based fitness influencer and ballerina. Her profile picture shows her wearing a flowy dress with ballet shoes and a bun, which reflect her lifestyle well. These pictures are rather powerful and comes with color palette, which can resonate well with the whole feed of any person.
  • From any technical standpoint, always remember to check if the picture is of high quality, it not pixelated and also looks amazing on any particular device. Right now, IG’s dimensions for profile picture is around 110 x 110 pixels. However, as these photos are lot bigger on desktop, you can upload larger picture and IG will resize it automatically for you.

Make sure to add keyword with your name:

For ensuring that people can actually find out, you have to be sure to choose a name on IG which is only your name and not the IG username. As most people who search for your name on IG will use real name or the name of your company so, matching your current name with that of the IG handle can easily decrease your searching ability for sure.

  • As IG users search for keywords, outing keywords in name can actually triple up the searching scores. Even if the username does not have any keyword, people can actually find out you through keyword in name. An example might help you more to understand. You have Aniahimsa which appears in IG search for vegan even when vegan is not part of the name or the official IG handle.
  • For selecting keywords for your current name, you need to think about keywords that your potential followers might use for finding some inspirational accounts, specified locations to follow or some cool hash tags.
  • An illustration can help. If you are planning to attract people in berlin, then add this word next to your name. Then it will be easier for people to reach you by just typing the name of city in search bar.
  • In the same manner if the followers are looking for the IG coaches, they will put “IG Business Coach” right next to name. In case the followers are currently looking for some interior inspirations, they will just add the term “interior inspiration” beside their real name.
  • Once you are through with the keywords, adding the IG profile is simple. In your desktop browser, you need to open the profile and then click on the button, which says “edit profile.” In the current name field, make sure to type the keyword after name. You might have to separate the real name and target keyword with emoji.

Adding out target keywords in description:


As the IG bio has quite less time to make that very first impression, ensuring that your bio is easy to scan can help people to understand quickly what it is all about. For some optimal scanning, target keywords are best friends as they clarify the kind of content people can actually find on account.

  • For example, you can take a sneak peek at Iris Dijkers’ bio. Here, you will come across IG content focusing more on travel, fashion and lifestyle. These focal points can introduce her account and can also help in determining whether people can actually click that Follow button.
  • You might want to take the advantage of the recent feature which IG has for you. It enables you to just send hash tags and profile links in bio. It is always a perfect place for promoting branded hash tags. As people follow these tags, the community will not just include your account followers, but also follows and tags of branded hash tags.
  • For adding hash tags and profile links to IG bio, you need to open profile page and click on Edit profile. In the current bio field, add these hash tags and profiles you want to associate people with. Do not forget to use “#” character for the hash tags and “@” one for the usernames. After you have done your savings and exit, the usernames and hash tags will become clickable for people to check those out.
  • Using best keywords from your niche that the audience might understand will actually make it clear on what you stand for. It will help you to know what to offer and whether your account is relevant to them or not. Selecting keywords reflecting strongest interests or skills you want to highlight is a great choice to follow.

Make sure to get these points right and things might work out in the brilliant way possible for sure.

Daniel MatteiSocial Media
Are you currently planning to make a good and strong impression with IG profile? You must be wondering how you can add personality and branding to Instagram bio. Here, you will come to learn more about the useful tips you can build and then optimize IG profile for business. ...